Who Shot the Red Baron Down?

On the cover of the April/May 2018 magazine “Canada’s History”, is a super glossy, stylized illustration of the Red Baron in his German plane, with another plane right on his tale. The headline reads  “The Red Baron: Did A Canadian Down the German Flying Ace?”. Ask anyone from Carleton Place, and they’d probably immediately say yes…and he was from town.

It’s long been told in our history that Roy Brown shot down the Red Baron, but not everyone believes that. If you read the article inside the magazine, you’ll discover that Australians also claim to be the ones who carried out that fateful shot. They even have a piece of the Red Baron’s biplane to back up their story. Whether or not you believe it, it’s an interesting read, and just one of the fascinating articles you can find as part of our complete online magazine offerings called “Flipster”. All you need to do is visit our website, click on the Flipster link, and use your library card. It’s a great way to read all of those magazines you love, and save a few trees at the same time.

So, what will you decide? Roy Brown, or an Australian? Let us know your decision in the comments.



Are You Smarter?

On Flipster this month, “Popular Science” claims on the front cover that this crow is smarter than your fifth grader.  Uh…okay. I know it’s making a little twist on the once-popular television show, but honestly, isn’t that stretching it a bit?

I’ve seen some of those fascinating documentaries about crows using tools and figuring out complex problems, but really, isn’t it usually just about food and survival? Heck, if someone stuck a Dairy Queen blizzard inside a locked plexiglass case and forced me to figure out how to get it, you better well believe that I’d get that ice cream before even a little of that soft-serve melted. Birds are smart, but birds are not people.

If you want to read this article, drop by our website and log into Flipster. You can download the latest issue, or even check out back issues. I guarantee a crow couldn’t do that…and your fifth grader would probably already be printing out pictures and using YouTube to get more information about something they found.

How Strong is your Password?

In the Spring 2018 issue of Popular Science magazine, they have a full page on the strength of passwords. We often have people who try to log on to our public computers and find it difficult to sign in. Their email provider might ask for more verification, since it recognizes a foreign computer, and is trying to safeguard the user’s account. Great…if you can actually remember your password, own a cell phone, and are willing to put in a little extra time logging in.

But how safe IS that password when you’re using a public computer? Years ago, people used to use very simple passwords they could remember…names, animals, birth dates. As hackers became better, and software became less hack-proof, we hard the warnings to make our passwords more difficult to figure out. Popular Science goes through progression of passwords, from familiar names, to names plus numbers, to a difficult mix of numbers, letters and symbols, and finally, to something we could probably all do to strengthen our accounts (hint: it combines three or more obscure words).

If you’d like to know more about the history of passwords, and how to make yours stronger, you can stop by our website, click on the Flipster Magazine roll at the bottom until you find Popular Science, and read online. Page 18 will give you lots of great tips and tricks. I know I’m going to change a few of my passwords based on these ideas right now. All I have to do is remember the ones I’m using now…


March Break Day 1

relaxMarch Break is typically something the kids look forward to…but it can be downright stressful for parents trying to think of things to keep them busy. While we have lots of things going on at the library all week (some need registration, some don’t….check out our catalog at http://carletonplacelibrary.ca ), parents…we’ve got some suggestions for YOU!

Today, it’s our Flipster magazines, available on our library website. All you need is your library card. You can download current and past issues of a variety of magazines. Read them on your computer, on your phone, or on your tablet. It’s a lot of fun, and it’s FREE!

How about this issue of REAL SIMPLE magazine.

realLearn how to start decluttering your life. Clean out those closets and cupboards, throw away things that you don’t use, or donate to someone who might need them. Spring cleaning has never felt so good! Relax and recharge….you deserve it!

Canada’s History

canadashistory kayakhistoryLet’s talk about Canada today, because we all know who we’ll be discussing everywhere today. Canada is celebrating it’s 150th birthday this year, so we’re interested in finding out more about our country’s interesting past. And what better way to do it than read about it in a glossy magazine?

This month, “Canada’s History” magazine has an interesting read about 100 years of our nation’s favourite game, hockey! You can also find a fascinating article about the Gold Rush, and some newly discovered journals that will shed some light on the struggles fortune-seekers endured. And how about a first peek at the Canada 150 official tulip! It’s beautiful. You can read all of these stories, as well as back issues, just by visiting our website!

And not to leave out the kids, ‘Kayak’ is looking at our funny past–and present! A whole issue devoted to comedians, comedy specials, and more, with fantastically fun illustrations!

With your library card, you now have access to Flipster, a fabulous magazine service where you can read magazines online, or download them to your tablet or phone to read later. Just drop by the library website, click on the Flipster logo, and start reading!

Read Magazines During the Holidays!

flipster_poster_11x171-page-001If you’re looking for things to do while you’re off on holidays, and the library is closed, don’t forget that you can download magazines to your computer or device and read for FREE!  All you need is your library card!

Flipster is fabulous….and we have tons of great magazines for the whole family. Download the latest issues, or back issues, print off pages to keep recipes or articles, and read as many issues as you like, just by using your library card.

Visit our website and click on the Flipster banner to start reading today!

Are You Flipping Out Yet?

Flipster online magazinesMany of our patrons are flipping out over the new magazine app on our library catalog called Flipster. All you need is your library card to download and read these great magazines online, or in the free app.

What kinds of magazines, you ask? How about reading an article in “Popular Science” this month about how ISIS is using all the best social media practices to make connections with their followers? Or how about reading about a trip to Georgia in the winter months to find out all about the food and hospitality they have to offer in “Food & Travel” this month? Or read all about the man who makes the average superstar in Hollywood into a superhero (at least, he makes over their bodies to look that way), in “Vanity Fair” this month.

We have so many great magazines you can read–along with their back issues–so get started today! It’s a great way to pass the time during all this bad weather we’ve been having. And even better? It’s free with your library card!