Find a Bookstore…

Even as a library, we support our local bookstore here in Carleton Place. There have been many times we’ve needed a book (or books), and Aisha at Read’s Book Shop has come through in a pinch! It’s wonderful to shop local, and this little bookstore offers up all of the usual fun—-book clubs, a dynamite coffee shop atmosphere, and even special storytimes during the summer months.


Now, the Retail Council of Canada has launched a website to help you find an independent bookstore in your area. allows you to pop in your address, and it will search for Canadian Independent shops only. How easy is that? Support your local retail shops.



London’s Literary Benches

London has just done something every major city in the world should do! They’ve installed 50 literary-themed benches across the city as part of an initiative by the National Literary Trust to encourage reading and celebrate London’s literary heritage. Isn’t this brilliant?

69636f25-acaa-4b3e-8ef2-c1158aa8ae42-460x301Book bench dedicated to The Wind in the Willows and painted by Mik Richardson. Photograph: Chris O’Donovan for the National Literacy Trust

The 50 benches are dedicated to books, authors and characters. Not every one is easy to figure out, but that’s part of the challenge, isn’t it? And the location of each bench is also a closely guarded secret. People are encouraged to look for them around the city and post their photos. And if you can come up with a great suggestion for bench #51, London is looking for input! Read more on the benches and see the artists work on them right here.

Don’t you think these would look great anywhere?

Get Ready to Read!


Summer Reading at the Carleton Place Public Library!

We’re gearing up for the start of summer reading at the library, and boy, is it going to be an exciting summer! Not only will we have our usual program for kids, we’re also offering a program for teens and this summer, we’re even doing Adult summer reading! We’re not quite ready to begin yet, but plan on signing up as soon as July rolls around for the maximum benefit. Not only will there be rewards, but you’ll have a great summer reading all of the books you want.

Who Can Join?

For the younger set, we’re offering the fabulous TD Summer Reading Club program. This summer, the theme is “EUREKA”, and it’s all about discovery, exploration and creativity. And we have LOTS of great things planned to go along with that idea. Starting Friday, June 27th from 1 -3pm, we’ll be holding our Library Lemonade Stand Kick-Off, rain or shine! Drop by, enjoy a nice glass of lemonade and sign up for summer reading. We’ll give you everything you need to get started, and maybe try to coax you into participating in one of our fun activities as well.

The TD Summer Reading program is a self-directed reading program aimed at children aged 2-12. Once your child registers, we’ll give them a bunch of things to take home to begin their reading fun. Then, all they need to do is read three books, and bring back their booklet with the titles.  We’ll give them a sticker, a ballot to go into the prize draw and a piece for our fun summer wall. (It’s a secret, but we’re going to be creating something really fun!) The goal is to read 30 books this summer. I’m sure we’ll have lots of great readers.

For teens and tweens in Grades 5 and up, we’re offering our exciting “Book Buck Bingo”. Pick up one of our fun Bingo cards and get reading. Readers earn ONE book buck for every square they complete, and they can save those book bucks and spend them on fun prizes during one of our Book Buck Spending Weeks!  There are going to be some awesome prizes this year, so get your tween/teen reading this summer!  They won’t be disappointed!

And last but certainly not least, we’re going to be offering Adult Summer Reading this year for the first time! We’re calling it “Goodies for Grown Ups!”, and yes…there will be prizes! Registration begins in July, and once you pick up a kit, it’s up to you which books you read. Every visit back to the library will earn you a Lucky Library Lotto card. Maybe you’ll win something fun….just for reading!

When Does it Start?

Join us Friday, June 27 from 1 -3pm for the official Library Lemonade Stand Kick-Off! We’ll serve lemonade and hand out registration kits. If you can’t make it that day, don’t worry….you can sign up anytime after that. The program will run from July through to the first week of September, so there’s lots of time. And if you can’t make it all summer, you don’t have to worry. Once you sign up, we can catch you up anytime before the end of the program. Just keep track of the books you read.

What If I Don’t Want to Do Summer Reading?

Don’t worry. We know summer reading isn’t for everyone, but we want you to be able to enjoy the library, too. So we have some great programs planned all summer long for all ages. You can stop in to pick up our fabulous summer calendar, or pop by our Facebook page for a simple rundown of some of the events.  We’ll have programs for 2 – 5 year olds, middle grade kids, tweens, teens and adults. How about a crafty afternoon based on Sharknado? What about trying your hand at an invention? Or how about joining us for a writing program?  We have so much going on, I can’t tell you about everything here. Come and get a calendar!


Drop us a line on our Facebook page, or at  We’re looking forward to discovering lots of great things this summer. EUREKA!  It’s Summer Reading!



It’s Family Literacy Day!


We don’t need a special day to enjoy books, but today is the perfect time to plan something out of the ordinary. It’s Family Literacy Day! While there are lots of events planned at libraries and bookstores across the country, you might want to aim for something to do at home.

Why not:

1.  Read a book together and then watch the movie!  There are plenty of family-oriented books that are easy to read in one night. Netflix, your local library and the cheap bins at big box stores always have great choices to help you plan a fun night. Try THE CAT IN THE HAT, JUMANJI,  or CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS.

2.  Make a theme dinner. Pick a fun book your family enjoys, then make a meal based on the characters, the story or the setting. You could try making green eggs and ham, or decorate your kitchen table with monkeys and bananas (for a Curious George meal). Be as silly as you wish…the kids will enjoy it!

3.  Instead of rushing to get the kids out the door in the morning, get everyone up a few minutes early and announce you’re having a morning storytime!  They’ll be excited and you could even let them eat breakfast while you read.

4.  How about trading a stack of your favourite books with another family? Ask a friend who might have children who are the same ages as yours, and switch books for the evening. Tell your children these are the books that Bobby and Susie and Sam read each night. It might be fun!

What are YOU going to do to celebrate Family Literacy Day?

Hurray for Alice Munro!

Alice Munro

“Have you read anything by Alice Munro?”

Last week, when it was announced that Alice Munro won the Nobel Prize for Literature, we expected a flood of people coming in to ask for her books. And while it’s been a bit more like a trickle (maybe our townspeople just aren’t into Canadian literature the way we thought they might be), we’ve heard a lot of the same things. “Have you read her books?” “Does she only write short stories?” “Do you like her books?”

This was an important win, not only because it is the NOBEL prize, and those are only given out to very special recipients, but because it’s the first win for a Canadian author. (There have been a number of squabbles about this online, mentioning author Saul Bellow who also won, and was born in Quebec. However, the general consensus is that he is American, having moved from Quebec to the US when he was 9 years old. So, we’ll leave that argument aside.) Munro’s stories are clearly Canadian—always—and so she must be celebrated as such.

So, the questions about her books have been interesting.  It seems that the “average” person has not read her books, or if they have, it’s been as an assignment. From those who claim to love her books, I must admit, there is a renewed interest: we haven’t seen people running out of here with Alice Munro books prior to the win. Now they are. Hindsight, maybe.

While Munro’s life wasn’t magical in terms of writing success (she didn’t publish her first collection until she was 37 years old, and it took her many years to be known outside of Canada), she’s become something of a legend in her later years.  She claimed to retire recently, but now I’m sure people are hoping she might give that idea up and pour herself into one (or two) more collection(s). Frankly, she almost ‘owes’ the world that much, don’t you think? More, please, Alice Munro!

Must we enjoy her books because she mentions small Canadian towns we might have driven through or inhabited? Can we readily admit we don’t find thrills reading about smalltown doctors or shopping at local hardware stores?  Of course!  It’s perfectly fine not to enjoy someone’s writing, even if others think we should, and we might be scorned for not loving it by snobbish literary types.

We should, however, rejoice in the fact that this spectacularly private Canadian accomplished something incredible in a genre that is difficult to market mainstream. We should celebrate that she is a woman who has persevered throughout a career that brought about many “no’s” and disappointments. And we should cheer loudly about the fact that she has been recognized as one of the World’s best. We don’t have to love her books, we just have to love her, as a fellow amazing Canadian. Because really, isn’t that who she writes about? The average Canadian person in extraordinary circumstances.

Canada’s National Reading Campaign!

Do you enjoy reading?  There’s nothing like a good book to help you get lost during the summer.  And the National Reading Campaign of Canada is trying to make it even more fun!



What are you reading? They want to know! You can join them on Facebook and upload a photo of yourself reading, and maybe you’ll even win a prize!  Kobo has generously donated an eReader to the person with the winning photo. You can find out all the details here.

You have until August 16th to submit your reading photo, so get busy taking those pictures. Include your name, location, and a brief caption to explain the backstory and then cross your fingers. Maybe you’ll be the lucky winner! Check out their Facebook page here to see what everyone else has posted!

Readers Around the World

Have you ever been curious about how people around the world read? Most of us would venture to think that North Americans read the most, but it isn’t the case.  Can you believe that people from India in the first quarter of 2013 read on average 10 minutes per day, while those in Canada read just under six minutes a day?


Take a look at the image above to see how your country ranks.  This was a study done through a poll by the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center. Of course, the types of books read are reflective of the Russian readers, but it’s interesting to look at regardless.