Are You Ready for a Book Apocalypse?


Much has been said recently about the idea that print books will become obsolete in the near future. While many people have embraced “new” ways of reading (ebooks, audiobooks etc.), a lot of people are reluctant to give up print books altogether. But what happens if the world changes and a total print apocalypse happens?  Would you be ready???

What is a Print Apocalypse?

The complete destruction/removal of any printed matter on a worldwide scale.

How Quickly Would it Happen?

A total annihilation of books would probably take some time, especially when you consider the number of books in libraries, schools, stores etc. Once the print apocalypse begins, however, it would mean nothing new would make it to printed form.  I don’t think we have to worry quite yet, but there may come a time in the future where everything will become digital.

Can I Stop It?

Probably not. Ebooks are here. Digital media is not going away. As much as we love the smell of books, the weight of a good book, and the joy of opening a cover and beginning to read, digital books/newspapers/information will allow us to carry more, have updates by the second and let us read the latest thriller within seconds of its release. This is a good thing. Really.

How Can I Prepare?

Right now, most of us are comfortable reading headlines and articles on the internet. Some people have graduated to reading books online or on a device. And there is a growing number of people who have stopped darkening the doors of libraries and bookstores altogether, preferring to read only on a tablet or e-reader.

If you don’t regularly read the headlines or articles online, that might be the place to start. Find you favourite newspaper online and read it on your computer for a week. Or subscribe to you favourite magazine on your tablet. Most mags and newspapers are interactive now, which means you can download recipes, shop directly for whatever you see on the pages and email the author of an article you enjoyed, right from your computer or device.

Your next step would be to learn how to download ebooks, either from an online store, or free from your library. Once you begin, it might not be your sole form of choice, but you’ll probably discover it’s much nicer to bring along a tablet that weighs 10oz when you travel, rather than a suitcase full of books.

What If I Can’t Do It?

New technology can be difficult at first. Understand that, and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Young people are GREAT resources for helping with devices and technological issues. So grab a kid, or check out the “help” section of most web pages. Embrace technology. You won’t be left behind in when the Print Apocalypse happens!

You’ll Learn Something

John Green is one of our page’s favourite authors. She keeps a close eye on his website for up to the minute information about the YA author and all of the things happening in his life (he’s currently on set for the filming of his book THE FAULT IN OUR STARS). But one of the highlights of his website is The Vlog Brothers’ video blogs (vlogs…they even have their own YouTube channel). Not only is John Green fascinating and informed, his brother Hank has a great sense of humour and regularly records incredibly useful videos, like this week’s “Syria in Five Minutes”.  Honestly, if you don’t know anything about the subject, the vlog will not only entertain, but will educate.  Maybe they should have these guys doing regular vlogs for schools?

Safe Searching

We have a lot of children come to the library to use our internet. We always have a parent sign a consent form, and make them aware that we don’t have search restrictions. It’s up to them to monitor what they’re children are doing on the internet, just like it would be at home.


I came across this wonderful search engine just for kids that I might start recommending. It’s called KidRex and features colourful graphics and safe search options. What makes this so different?  The site is powered by Google’s SafeSearch and Google Custom Search technology that screens sites for unacceptable content. The site’s researchers plug in keywords everyday to make sure that no sexually explicit sites pop up, and so it is nice know it is monitored on a regular basis since sites often find ways to prey on unsuspecting youngsters.

Not sure how to get your kids to use it?  Why not set it as your homepage?  It’ll pop up right away and they won’t have to go searching for it!

Be creative!

After a long weekend, it’s hard to get back into the swing of things. It would be nice to sit in a cozy coffee shop, chatting with a friend without a care in the world.  But what if you have to go back to work? Can you keep that relaxed feeling and still get things done?  I have a great solution for you!


This weekend, I came across a website called Coffitivity It plays ambient coffee house sounds on your computer, and you can even add your own music to the mix.  It’s relaxing and yet stimulating enough to make your silent office or home less, well, lonely. Just visit the site and then get to work. What a great idea!

Is it Correct?


Do you use our online catalog at home?  Did you know the website address changed recently?  While many of you have dropped in and picked up a slip with our new address on it, we’re sure that a lot of you are still using the old link (and the old website).  While the old link re-directs you to an offshoot of our current site, it is somewhat complicated and makes searching for books a little daunting. (No one needs to search through 1800 links to one book just to see if Carleton Place owns it!)

So please, if you’re still using the old link (, please go to the new website address ( and change your bookmark/favourite to the new web address.  It will make your life a lot easier, we promise!



You can say that again!

Just a bit of fun to end your year. Recite This is such a fun way to create a typographic poster of your favourite quote (or use of of theirs).  It’s simple…just type in your quote and it will generate a template that you can download to your computer, upload right to Facebook or Twitter, add a PIN to Pinterest or post on Tumblr or StumbleUpon.  Here’s our quote for today:


Happy New Year’s Eve from the staff at the Carleton Place Public Library. And of course we’ll renew your books for you! (Just call us and leave a message.)