Empowering Graphic Novels for Teens and Adults

If you follow A Mighty Girl on Facebook or their blog, you’ll know that this site is all about empowering girls, and the promotion of others who are doing the same. Recently, they did a great post about Graphic Novels for Teens and Adults that have strong female protagonists, that show a character facing a serious issue, and those that bring a deeper level to the story than your typical graphic novel for children.

Graphic novels are super popular with teens, and while a lot of parents and teachers tend to frown on the idea of promoting “comic” books to teens, graphic novels are much more than just stories with pictures. They usually tell one long tale, as opposed to some comics that feature many different stories under one cover, and the artwork can be amazing! Plus, if a teen is reading, it doesn’t matter if they’re pouring over the cereal box—they’re reading! Encourage them to pick up some of these books from the library, or keep the list and purchase several for their next birthday or special event.

You can find the entire article on the Mighty Girl website, along with a detailed list of great graphic novels like the ones featured above. Get your teen interested…and empowered!

Star Wars Fans—Prepare to Laugh!


For fans of Star Wars, Jeffrey Brown‘s latest graphic novel VADER’S LITTLE PRINCESS has arrived at the library! And I must say, all of us had a good chuckle over quite a few of the pages inside.  This isn’t really a children’s book, not because of any unsuitable content, but because the humour is something young fans of Star Wars might not get just yet. (Probably because many of the younger readers are smack-dab in the middle of their own “whatever” phases. Seeing Princess Leia say it to Darth Vader is something that shouldn’t be missed, however.)

If you’re looking for a few laughs and you’re a fan of Star Wars, this little book is one you need to pick up and read! Brown takes all the seriousness out of Star Wars, but leaves the ideas intact so that you’ll smile and identify with poor Vader’s problems.


Twilight Graphic Novel

For those Twilight fans out there, Entertainment Weekly is just about to reveal that a graphic novel version of the first book in the series is being created.  If you are a fan of graphic novels, this will not disappoint and author Stephenie Meyer is said to be heavily involved in the process.

Artist Young Kim is working on the story and has chosen to illustrate the characters closer to the description in the book, so if you are looking for an exact copy of Kristen Stewart or Robert Pattinson, you’ll be disappointed.  However, a quick peek at one of the panels shows that it is very well done.


So, we’ll wait to see how well this novel does, but if the past dictates any sort of pattern, this should be a new and fantastic way for fans to immerse themselves into another part of Forks.  Enjoy!

Coloring books for adults?

Are we forced to read novels just because we are adults? Should children only look at picture books? Or can we expand on what is the perceived use of a book? For example, there seems to be a bit of an uproar about graphic novels being aimed at young adults / teens only. In our library, I must admit that we house the majority of the graphic novels in our young adult section and the rest fall into a slightly easier version, and are therefore placed in juvenile fiction. Why are there no graphic novels for adults? Some would say that many of the young adult manga or graphic novels are actually more age appropriate for adults, due to the explicit nature of the artwork. But, adults are supposed to read “real” books, right?

What about the idea of coloring books for adults? The Japanese seem to be much more interested in allowing people to remain creative and express themselves long after they leave the playground. They have developed a line of adult coloring books that has taken off in that country.

There are books for people who are looking to relax, such as this meditative coloring book:

Or how about learning human anatomy while being a bit creative, with this book called Coloring Guide to Human Anatomy by Alan Twietmeyer and Thomas McCracken:

Or even an electronic coloring book aimed specifically at men by the makers of Nintendo DS :

You can find a fabulous article here about the whole exciting topic. There are links to the books as well. Who knows….you might find your inner child on one of these creative pages!