Minecraft: The Island

Get ready for it…Minecraft, the novel!  If you have young people at home, no doubt you’ve seen the pixel-heavy game Minecraft. While it stumps most adults as to why kids today would want to play a game that looks so “simple” compared to the graphic-heavy games of today. But they’ve taken to the challenges of building and creating in this world like no other game out there.  And now, there’s a novel.

MINECRAFT: THE ISLAND by Max Brooks, was released in mid-July, and follows the story of the hero who is stranded on Minecraft Island and must figure out a way to escape. No doubt this will be a popular series with its young fans. Only time will tell if it will move from one generation to the next!


Stop for Pokemon Go!

Because we know you’re all doing it, the Carleton Place Public Library is a Pokemon Go Pokestop! Make sure you take a good walk through and around the library and vicinity to collect everything!

pokemon.jpgDon’t forget to tell us what you found. We’ve had some interesting things turning up!

Do You Have a Clue?

Board Game Night PosterThis is the second sneak-peek into our Fall programming…..and it’s all about having fun!

Tuesday nights just got a little brighter, with our family-friendly “Board Game Night” at the library. Drop in alternating Tuesdays this fall, starting September 22nd from 5-8pm to join in a game, start a new one, or just to watch. Where else could you have so much fun for free?

We’ll provide the games, so pop the kids into their pajamas and drop by to play a quick game before bed. No kids, but still like a good game of Monopoly? Bring some friends, or come alone….we’re sure to have others who will want to play a friendly game or two.

Our fall calendar will be available soon, so drop by to pick one up. It’s going to be all kinds of fun this fall at the library!

Minecraft Mania

MinecraftIf you have a young person, and a computer, chances are….you know about Minecraft. And if you don’t know about it, you’ve probably seen it….the weirdly simple pixelated images found in one of the most popular games ever.

What are the rules? What is the purpose to this game? No one aged 20 and above really seems to know. Players build things, and search for things, and build more things, and get excited when they can add a door to their creations, or plant some successful crops! Wow…this sounds a bit like real life.

But the exciting part of this game is that it is getting kids engaged in a game that makes them think, and plan. Teachers and parents alike are applauding the skills their kids are learning while having fun…even if they don’t fully understand why the kids are enjoying this so much.

We have lots of great Minecraft books at the library, including the Dummies version to help beginners move forward faster. We also have plenty to keep advanced Mincrafters, well, minecrafting. Drop by the library website to see what we have available!


Get Ready to Read!


Summer Reading at the Carleton Place Public Library!

We’re gearing up for the start of summer reading at the library, and boy, is it going to be an exciting summer! Not only will we have our usual program for kids, we’re also offering a program for teens and this summer, we’re even doing Adult summer reading! We’re not quite ready to begin yet, but plan on signing up as soon as July rolls around for the maximum benefit. Not only will there be rewards, but you’ll have a great summer reading all of the books you want.

Who Can Join?

For the younger set, we’re offering the fabulous TD Summer Reading Club program. This summer, the theme is “EUREKA”, and it’s all about discovery, exploration and creativity. And we have LOTS of great things planned to go along with that idea. Starting Friday, June 27th from 1 -3pm, we’ll be holding our Library Lemonade Stand Kick-Off, rain or shine! Drop by, enjoy a nice glass of lemonade and sign up for summer reading. We’ll give you everything you need to get started, and maybe try to coax you into participating in one of our fun activities as well.

The TD Summer Reading program is a self-directed reading program aimed at children aged 2-12. Once your child registers, we’ll give them a bunch of things to take home to begin their reading fun. Then, all they need to do is read three books, and bring back their booklet with the titles.  We’ll give them a sticker, a ballot to go into the prize draw and a piece for our fun summer wall. (It’s a secret, but we’re going to be creating something really fun!) The goal is to read 30 books this summer. I’m sure we’ll have lots of great readers.

For teens and tweens in Grades 5 and up, we’re offering our exciting “Book Buck Bingo”. Pick up one of our fun Bingo cards and get reading. Readers earn ONE book buck for every square they complete, and they can save those book bucks and spend them on fun prizes during one of our Book Buck Spending Weeks!  There are going to be some awesome prizes this year, so get your tween/teen reading this summer!  They won’t be disappointed!

And last but certainly not least, we’re going to be offering Adult Summer Reading this year for the first time! We’re calling it “Goodies for Grown Ups!”, and yes…there will be prizes! Registration begins in July, and once you pick up a kit, it’s up to you which books you read. Every visit back to the library will earn you a Lucky Library Lotto card. Maybe you’ll win something fun….just for reading!

When Does it Start?

Join us Friday, June 27 from 1 -3pm for the official Library Lemonade Stand Kick-Off! We’ll serve lemonade and hand out registration kits. If you can’t make it that day, don’t worry….you can sign up anytime after that. The program will run from July through to the first week of September, so there’s lots of time. And if you can’t make it all summer, you don’t have to worry. Once you sign up, we can catch you up anytime before the end of the program. Just keep track of the books you read.

What If I Don’t Want to Do Summer Reading?

Don’t worry. We know summer reading isn’t for everyone, but we want you to be able to enjoy the library, too. So we have some great programs planned all summer long for all ages. You can stop in to pick up our fabulous summer calendar, or pop by our Facebook page for a simple rundown of some of the events.  We’ll have programs for 2 – 5 year olds, middle grade kids, tweens, teens and adults. How about a crafty afternoon based on Sharknado? What about trying your hand at an invention? Or how about joining us for a writing program?  We have so much going on, I can’t tell you about everything here. Come and get a calendar!


Drop us a line on our Facebook page, or at cplibrarykids@yahoo.ca  We’re looking forward to discovering lots of great things this summer. EUREKA!  It’s Summer Reading!



It’s Survival Week at the library!

If you made it to the Library Lemonade stand last week, you’ll know we’re starting our summer events today! And what a week we have planned!  It’s Survival Week, and we’re starting today with CAMP HALF-BLOOD for kids aged 9 – 12.  We still have a few spaces, so call us this morning to register. It’s going to be so much fun, and it’s free! What more could you ask for?


IMG_4463(If you don’t have a clue about this photo, it has something to do with Percy Jackson. That’s all I’ll say.)

And later this week, it’s going to be an exciting day of Kid vs. Wild! Let’s hope our young visitors come ready to fight for their lives! (Okay, it won’t be that dramatic, but they will have to fight for their teams!)

If you haven’t picked up a summer calendar, you can download one from the side of this page. Or drop by the library to pick one up because they’re stocked with great information about all the programs. And don’t forget, we’re also starting the TD Summer Reading program!  Kids of all ages can sign up to earn fun things this summer, and maybe even win a prize! Ask us for more information at the front desk!

But I like the wheelbarrow!

Something very important is about to happen and you probably don’t know about it. The makers of Monopoly are in the process of eliminating one of the pieces in the classic board game. Yes, using a Facebook app, the makers of Monopoly are allowing people to vote on their favourite game tokens everyday, and choose a new token for the 21st century. And so far, the loser is the wheelbarrow.


The makers of Monopoly, Hasbro, are offering up several choices for the new tokens, such as: an anthropomorphic robot, a diamond ring, a guitar, a cat with a sparkly collar, and a helicopter. The original tokens are all symbolic of the working class, which is the theme of the Monopoly game, if you think about it. Everyone starts from the bottom and must make shrewd business moves in order to buy those houses and hotels and take over the board. The new tokens are slightly strange, if you look at it with respect to the whole game. But change is eventual in all things, and so Monopoly will evolve, too.

If you feel strongly about keeping your favourite token (even if it’s been years since you played the game), make sure you download the app and start voting today. Of course, if you already own the board game, you can play to your heart’s content with the original pieces until you choose to purchase a new version, so for the most part, this won’t really affect a lot of us. Even so, the wheelbarrow will always be my choice.