Our Winners!

Last Thursday, our young readers who had participated in Forest of Reading® from December to April, came and voted on their favourite books. They had to read at least 8 books in most of the categories in order to be able to vote, so we feel confident they picked the best ones of the lot.

And the winners were:

Blue Spruce™

Cardinal-and-the-Crow-WebSilver Birch Express™ —a three-way tie!

express.jpgSilver Birch Fiction™—a two-way tie!

fictionSilver Birch Non-Fiction™—another two-way tie!

nonficAll of the winners we picked were tabulated and sent off to Toronto to join in all of the libraries and schools who also participated. Once all of the votes are in, “official” winners will be announced, and the Canadian authors and illustrators who were chosen will win one of the coveted prizes.  We can’t wait to see how we did! Check back here in May for all the details.


We’re Voting!

It’s Forest of Reading® Voting Night at the library, and we’re excited! We have the polling stations ready, pencils sharpened, and ballots ready to cast. Who knows what books we’ll be picking as the winners tonight?

20160414_112710If your young reader finished all of the required books in their category, they are eligible to come and vote starting at 6pm.  If they did not finish enough books to vote, they can still come and enjoy the party from 6-7pm.  At the end of the session, we’ll announce the winning books, and get our votes all sent off to Toronto for the final tabulations.

This is an exciting night, so if you’re at the library, expect to hear kids having fun talking about books!

Forest of Reading® Voting Night

Forest-of-Reading-LogoNow that it’s April, we’re thinking about voting night at the library. These are the last few weeks for readers who are participating in Forest of Reading®, so we know they’ll want to get finished up in order to vote.

A reminder….readers in the Silver Birch Express™. Silver Birch Fiction™, and Silver Birch Non-Fiction™ categories only have to read 8 out of 10 books in their category in order to be able to vote. Readers in the Blue Spruce™ category MUST read all 10 books in their level.

Our voting night will be a fun combination of voting, eating cake, and prizes. Everyone who makes our voters list will be able to drop in on Thursday, April 21st from 6-7pm  to cast their ballots, and then stay for the party.  If your young reader hasn’t read all of the books needed to vote, they can still come to the party. It will be a lot of fun!  And we’ll announce the winners we’ve picked at the end of the night!

We are updating our “WHO CAN VOTE” list each week to make sure everyone knows who is eligible to vote at the end of  April.  If your reader hasn’t been marking their books in our binder, we won’t know they’re ready, so make sure to drop in and update the binder. We have our voting lists posted here at the library now, so pop in to see if your reader’s name is on the list today!

We’re Still Reading!

If your child is enrolled in Forest of Reading® at the library, we’re about half way through. While voting might be two months away, there are plenty of things you can do to keep the interest up until the big night. But first, a few things about the program:

Forest-2015-By-The-Numbers-Lettersize(1)-page-001At our library, we have children from more than seven schools reading (including home schooled children)…about 45 solid readers in total. One reader has already finished all 10 books in the Silver Birch™ Non-Fiction level, and we have about 6 readers who are more than halfway through their totals, with many more well on their way.  It takes a long time to read some of the thicker fiction, so this is a great start.

If you child is taking part in the Blue Spruce™ category, remember, they have to read all 10 picture books. These seem to go the fastest, so keep track of the ones they like on their brochure that we handed out when they registered. Picture books are also a fantastic way to have conversation with your children. Each one is picked because it has a wonderful story or theme, and all of them could be great breakfast discussion topics.  Asking your reader to tell you about a book they read the night before is a great way to work on comprehension, and promote literacy skills. But more importantly, it shows your child that you’re interested in books and stories, and hopefully this will create a lifelong reader.

For the older set, while parents aren’t as involved in the books or the reading, there are still plenty of opportunities for discussion. Kids like to talk about what they’re reading, and questions to help them discover more from their books are a great tool to engage reluctant readers as well. Things like:

  • Did you like this book? If not, why did you stop reading? Was it the subject matter, or did the book not catch your interest soon enough?
  • What was the last book you loved? (This can tell you a lot about your reader. If they mention one they are reading in class, often it’s because someone is reading out loud. That’s a GREAT way to engage readers who aren’t strong, but it also models great reading practice. If they talk about a comic book or something else that involves a lot of pictures, you might suggest graphic novels. And if they mention they really liked that book about Minecraft, or Lego, or horses….then you might just have a non-fiction reader on your hands. Don’t discourage them from reading non-fiction….it’s still reading!)
  • Are you too tired to read at night? If yes, maybe your child needs some “designated” reading time before dinner, or a few minutes before they catch the bus. Sometimes, all they need is a different reading schedule to get excited.
  • Talk to them about things YOU read…..even if it’s from the newspaper or a magazine. Read things your kids would engaging, and then show them the article while talking about it. Sometimes all they need is a spark of interest. And when you read, your children see this and think reading is a good thing.

If your young reader wants to take part in the program this year, we’re only accepting registrations up until the end of this month to allow everyone time to read all of the books. It will become trickier toward the end when everyone has a few extras to finish up in time for voting night. So, drop by this week, get registered, and get reading. This is going to be a tight race!


New Programs at the Library!

Starting in January, we have a whole host of new programs on the schedule. There are book clubs, craft nights, workshops, and much more. You can drop in right now to pick up the 2016 Winter Newsletter for adults and teens, and take the new children’s Newsletter at the same time. There’s something for everyone!

20151209_161258You’ll notice we have the regular storytime beginning again. This session, we’ll also have Toddlers, and a little later on, babies again! Our French storytime session will start up on Fridays again, and we’ll have things to keep the kids entertained on PA days all winter long.

If you’re wondering about March Break, you’ll have to wait a few weeks, but we’ll let everyone know when we have that special schedule out. And if you have young crafters, make note of the registration dates for Valentine’s Craft Night, and Spring Craft Night. These fill up fast, and they are always popular! We’ve already started Forest of Reading®, so register early and begin reading right away!

20151209_161247Our adult and teen programs are even more exciting for 2016!

Starting with teens, we’ll begin our Nerd Herd Teen Book Club again in January, and run it through May. We’re also gearing up to celebrate Rock the Drop again in April for Teen Literature Day….and keep a lookout for a few special new programs for teens a little later on.

For adults, we’re starting up the VERY popular tech training again, as well as our adult book club. But if you’d rather take part in a different type of book club, we have one to bridge the generation gap! (It’s a lot of fun, and it gets everyone involved.)

If adult colouring is more your thing, we’ve got plenty of great colouring pages ready for winter. See all of the details above, or drop in to pick up your own copy (it’s super clear, and has a lot more detail).

20151209_161240The BIG fun happens with our workshops this winter. We’ve got creativity fun, social media info, and money workshops for women. We’re also excited about a special astronomy talk with Frank Hitchens in January that you won’t want to miss!

If you want to know more about any of these great programs, drop by the library, take a gander at our online catalog (http://olco.canlib.ca/client/cp), or give us a call at 257-2702. It’s going to be an exciting winter….even if we don’t get any snow!

Forest of Reading Begins!

Forest-of-Reading-LogoIt’s hard to believe, but it’s Forest of Reading® time again at the library! This is a wonderful reading program for children in Kindergarten to Grade 6, and it runs from now through the end of April 2016.

Forest of Reading® is a fantastic reading program that celebrates Canadian books. And the best part is that only children participate, read, and then vote for their favourites, allowing those Canadian authors and illustrators to win a coveted award for their work.


Children can register at the front desk and we’ll get them started. We’ll be visiting schools in the New Year to talk about the program, but we like to start in December to allow everyone to get a head start over the holidays. Some of the books in the higher grade levels take longer to read, so we want to give everyone enough time.


Each category is different, with books ranging in scale to accommodate weaker and stronger readers. At the first level, Blue Spruce™, there are only picture books to allow children in Kindergarten to Grade 2 a challenge. In this category, students must read all ten books, and usually they are quite simple to finish in the allotted time.

For the other categories we’re running this year (Silver Birch Express™, Silver Birch Fiction™, and Silver Birch Non-Fiction™), readers must complete only EIGHT books out of ten in order to be eligible to vote for their favourites.


At our library, we ask that readers in Blue Spruce™ read all ten books, and everyone else must read eight out of ten books in the higher categories in order to be eligible to vote. Since the program runs for several months, there is adequate time to read everything. Readers can take out one book at a time, but closer to the end of the program, we might allow more than one book per person in order for someone to finish up.

If a reader cannot finish all of the required books, they can still come to the party, which will also be our voting night. Voting takes place on April 21st, and we’ll have a fun evening talking about the books, and announcing the winners our readers chose.

To find out more about the Forest of Reading® program, please visit the site here.

You can also click on this infographic below to see more about how this program works, and who participates. Enjoy!