Yesterday was International Hummus Day!

It’s a favourite of ours around here, and we’re glad there’s a day to celebrate!

We’ve got lots of interesting recipe books that include some recipes for hummus, so if you’re interested in trying out something new for dinner, why not drop by the library and pick up a few books to test! We can point you in the right direction of our cookbooks, or you can place some holds online and pick them up when you come in!

Ketogenic Diet Workshop








Join us on Tuesday, April 16th at 6pm for a workshop with Holistic Nutritionist Laura Kissmann called “Ketogenic Diet: A Panacea or Fad?”.

Keto seems to be all the rage for both weight loss and brain health. What is science telling us about it? Is it safe for everyone? Are there drawbacks? Is there more than one way to follow the Keto diet? There are so many questions, and Kissmann will aim to dispel some of the myths about this eating craze. She’ll also serve a few keto snacks so you can give them a try.

This requires registration, so give us a call at 257-2702 to reserve a space for this session. It’ll be about 2.5 hours, so please plan on staying a little later. In the meantime, we have lots of books on the Keto lifestyle and diet in the library. Feel free to drop in and take a look at some of them before the event.

Get Some Green On!

This winter has been tough on a lot of us. We can’t be the only ones wishing to see a little bit of green sprouting up from somewhere. While spring is still (at least) 6 weeks away, that doesn’t mean you have to embrace the snow we still have.

If you’re daydreaming about gardens and planting, start at the library. We have lots of wonderful books to get you inspired to re-think your gardens, try something new, or just get a few tips on how to get seeds started now.

How about planting to bring in butterflies? BUTTERFLY GARDENING: THE NORTH AMERICAN BUTTERFLY ASSOCIATION GUIDE by Jane Hurwitz is a great place to start. It has tons of illustrations to help you plant the best type of garden for your area, as well as maps and tips to doing some butterfly watching once summer finally rolls around.

Or why not try your hand at food this year? GROWING FOOD IN A SHORT SEASON by Melanie J. Watts is a Canadian guide to growing organic, fresh food during the short growing season of most provinces.

We also have many editions of Fine Gardening magazine which could help you learn what to grow, and how to grow it.

Of course, if you need help, the experts at our local nursery can help. In fact, the Carleton Place Nursery just posted on their Facebook page this week that they have lots of seeds ready to start planting!

What are you going to grow this year? Let us know in the comments!

Get Baking!

If you’re a fan of the Great British Bake Off show, we have a new book at the library! THE GREAT BRITISH BAKE OFF : GET BAKING FOR FRIENDS & FAMILY is a wonderful collection of all of the sweet treats you see them baking on the program, plus many more.

Someone I follow on social media has been doing a British Bake Off Challenge—she picks a recipe from the show and challenges herself to bake it for her family. Sometimes, the recipes are great, sometimes not. But the biggest thing she seems to take from it is trying something new. Plus, it’s a great weekly feature for her to keep followers coming back to see what she’s making next. I’m sure she’d love this new book!

The pages are filled with detailed instructions, and each recipe has a nice full-page colour photo. There’s everything from simple muffins to complex layered cakes and sweet pavlovas. And each recipe is designed as something special to make on those big occasions like birthdays, holidays, and oh, Thursdays.

You can pop into the library to get this book, or reserve it online and pick it up at a later date. We’re sure you’ll enjoy it! (And so will the people you feed!)

Italian Food and Jamie Oliver

If you’re hungry, this is the book for you. With tons of well photographed dishes, Jamie Oliver hits it out of the park again with JAMIE COOKS ITALY. And if even half of the dishes are as charming as the author, this will be a keeper.  It would be a great gift idea, too, for those on your list who like to cook.

We have it at the library now…along with many other great new cookbooks, so make sure to drop in over the holidays. The dishes would be perfect to try when you’re sick of eating turkey and want some delicious comfort food to get through a cold night.

Soup Swap

I’m going to blow your mind with this idea…..a soup swap. Recently, at Caroline’s Cookbook Book Club, everyone exchanged ideas for easy soup, stew, and slow cooker recipes. As usual, it made the library smell wonderful, and made everybody else hungry.

So, here it is again…the idea of a soup swap. Let’s face it. We make a big pot of homemade soup, eat it at a meal or two, and then end up forcing ourselves to eat the last of it later in the week. But when it’s a “leftover”, it doesn’t carry the same warm feelings we had about it on day one. Remember the crusty bread that went along with it? Remember sitting down with those steaming bowls and inhaling the delicious aroma? On day four, we’re more likely to heat it in the microwave and down it standing at the kitchen counter.

If we made a plan to have a soup swap with someone early in the week, we could eat something new and tasty as the week draws on. Isn’t that brilliant? All you need is a friend willing to exchange, and two recipes that yield about the same number of servings. It’s a bit experiment, but it could be a lot of fun!

If you’re looking for some great new soup recipes, we have fantastic books at the library like:

Pick up a new cookbook, and get a friend on board. It’s the perfect time for a soup swap!