Tonight, we have a special event seminar presented by Nataliya Tyagley of Edward Jones called “RRSP or TFSA?”.

Are you trying to decide whether to contribute to your RRSP or TFSA? Determining which is more appropriate for you depends on your individual goals, risk tolerance, and timeframe. Nataliya will outline the options and explain the difference, giving you a better framework to work with when deciding on your retirement planning. While she won’t be able to advise you on your own personal finance matters, she’ll give you the tools and information you need to work it out on your own, or with your personal financial planner. It’s great to be informed!

The session tonight begins at 6pm. Please give us a call to register. Light refreshment will be served.

Frivolous (or not so frivolous) Friday

Can you imagine posting your salary, and then listing what you spend for an entire month for anyone in the online community to read?  Me either. But Refinery29, a space touted as a “modern woman’s destination for how to live a stylish, well-rounded life”, regularly asks women to track their spending for a month, and send them the gory details to post. Then, the backlash begins.

Often, the site receives letters from people who make judgments about the women, and comment on what they are doing right–or very wrong—in their lives. It can be brutal. BRUTAL.  I have no idea how some of these women recover from this. You can follow one such participant’s experience taking part and find out what changes she made (if any) as a result by clicking here.

Beware, once you read one of these money diaries, you’ll fall down the rabbit hole and spend the next hour perusing the spending habits of women you don’t know. This is brave stuff. And it makes me wonder why they don’t also track the spending habits of men who’d like to participate. It would be as equally revealing, I think.

Would you participate in something like this and allow your spending habits to be viewed by the world?

Throwing Your Money Away?

Skin care, concerts, new clothes, lavish trips….the life of many twenty-somethings who haven’t gotten into family responsibilities yet, and now have some money in their pockets each week from a steady job. (Okay…it’s the life of a lot of people…not just 20-somethings!)

But that money goes fast, and debt is an easy trap to fall into. While we learn a lot about numbers in school, we don’t often learn about budgeting, and that’s where many of us go wrong when we’re young. It’s a fast spiral into the world of money woes if you’re not careful, so we’re here to help.

Coming up on Saturday, June 9th at 11:30am (so you can sleep in!), we’re hosting a workshop called “Simple Budgeting for Beginners” with local finance guru Nataliya Tyagley. She’ll show you how to develop a budget, identify financial goals beyond purchasing that new pair of shoes, and learn how to understand the balance between spending, saving and borrowing.

Call us today to register at 257-2702.  And don’t forget to bring along your friends! This will be a FUN session, but also informative. And then you can go out for lunch after and celebrate all of your new savings tactics!

Financial Planning for all of Life’s Firsts

Next week, we have another great Financial Planning Seminar on offer. Join us on Thursday, February 22nd for “Financial Planning for all of Life’s Firsts”, at 6:30pm.  Katya Ells of Dominion Lending Centers will be with us to discuss the importance of saving for the big things coming down the line—your first home, your childrens’ education, retirement, and more. While she won’t be able to answer specifics about your portfolio, or about her company, she will have a great presentation about how you can work toward making all of those goals a reality, no matter where you live or bank.

Give us a call at 257-2702 to register. And if 6:30 seems like a bit of a rush from work, don’t worry, we’ll be serving some refreshments.