What Was That Art?

If you were a fan of 70’s sitcoms, you no doubt watched The Brady Bunch. The sprawling home featured in the show was interesting due to the number of people who lived there, and the fact that Mike Brady was an architect. But did you ever notice the decor, in particular, the wall art? Blogger Kirk Demarais sure did.

In a truly informative and detailed post, Demarais goes through the Brady household room by room, and analyzes each sculpture, painting, and work of art he can find. Not only does he try to figure out the name of the piece, but he tracks down similar art, and does a small profile on each artist he identifies.

Overall, it seems that the artwork was more about blending into the set, to allow the actors to stand out, rather than the background. But the set designers got it right–the pieces were interesting enough for a modern, fashionable family of the time, and bland enough for the rest of us not to notice.

Take your time reading through the post. You’ll probably recognize a few things you never even realized you had noticed before.

To the Moon…

matt-benson-9223Just a little fun for our first Frivolous Friday post of March! SpaceX, the company that is planning on sending a manned mission to Mars in the future, has just announced that  it will send TWO people to the moon in 2018.

Now, before you start packing your bags, the two individuals have already been chosen, and they have paid a “significant” deposit to make the trip. While it won’t actually land on the moon, the SpaceX flight will last about a week, and will allow the participants lots of time to ponder life in space.

This flight will launch near Cape Canaveral, from the same launch pad as the Apollo missions. This will be the first visit to the moon in 45 years.

Would you pay to go to the moon?

Hoopla is Here!

hooplaappIt’s February, and that means we’ve got LOTS of fun things going on at the library. You can drop by our library website to check the calendar, but stay here for a minute and take a gander at this great new addition: HOOPLA!


Hoopla is a fantastic streaming service that allows you to borrow movies, music, comic books, ebooks, audiobooks, and TV shows…all with your library card and PIN. And here’s the best part…you don’t have to go on any waiting lists… EVER! All titles are available to everyone, every time you log on.


There are two great ways to use this service——streaming on your computer, or through a device. To use your computer, go to http://www.hoopladigital.com and register. Or, if you have Windows 8 or higher, you can download the app and stream from your desktop that way.

If you want to use a device (phone or tablet), go to the Google Play store, or the App Store, and download the Hoopla App. With a device, you’ll be able to stream your content, or download it for later. It’s so easy, and super fun to use! Plus, you’ll be amazed at the selection.


You’ll need a library card and PIN, but it’s quite easy to get started. Drop by the site, sign in with your email address and a password, and you’ll be asked to set up your account. In a few easy steps, you’ll be streaming TV shows, entire music albums and more!


Because Hoopla is new to our library, you have a limit of FOUR items per MONTH. That means, select carefully. Once you’ve downloaded or streamed those four, you’ll have to wait until the next calendar month for more. But don’t worry, they’re always adding new content to the service, so you’ll have something great to watch or listen to. (And by the way, if you’re streaming or downloading a music album, the ENTIRE album counts as one download…it’s not per song.)


Ebooks and audiobooks go out for 21 days.

Music is available for 7 days.

TV and movies are available for 3 days.

Isn’t that easy? And once they expire, you just won’t be able to access them anymore. No returns, no fines.


If you’re used to downloading eBooks and audiobooks from our library,  you’re probably familiar with the issue of items not being available right away. And those long wait lists can be intimidating. We understand your frustration—it has to do with licensing, and there isn’t much that can be done about that. But Hoopla never has wait lists. You can download or stream whatever you want, when you want. It’s easy, and free with your library card.


Remember, streaming and downloading will require wifi or a data plan, but if you don’t want to use your own, stop by the library (or any other location with free wifi) and download your items to watch later.

It’s a fun new service, and we’re excited to get using it. Let us know what you think about it! Start Hoopla-ing today!

Personal Space Cards

Just a little laugh, because we all need one now and again.

Artist Michael Pederson in Sydney, Australia is creating amazing—and subtle—art installations around Sydney that look like regular street signs and such, but with a twist. My favourite happens to be his “Personal Space Cards”. I think we all need a set of these to carry around.

miguel-6You can see all of the amazingly funny signs and more on his Instagram page @miguelmarquezoutside

Take a few minutes to scroll through….I dare you not to laugh.

Blind Date with a Book

16195594_1241718475864146_2420850322450417109_nIt’s that time of year again….Blind Date with a Book! We’ve found our favourites from the last year, and packaged them up in pretty paper and stickers! If you drop by the library anytime between now and the end of February, we’d love it if you took one home.

Some of the books have a little blurb on them to give you a hint, but why not be wild and pick one up because you like the look of the decorations? Maybe you’ll fall in love with a new author. Or maybe it’ll be a bore. But either way, it’s a lot of fun and a nice way to make the month go by a little faster.

We have a nice selection of books for adults–both fiction and non-fiction, and books for kids (8 years and older), and teens. All of them are good. Keep an open mind, and you’ll have fun.

16143316_1241719109197416_2926013362927477432_n 16179843_1241718745864119_6040080664942583363_oHappy Blind Dating!


The Lightning Thief, the Musical

28187It’s another book made into a musical! This time, it’s Rick Riordan’s THE LIGHTNING THIEF, the first in the Percy Jackson series about a boy who discovers he has ties to the Greek Gods he has been learning about in school. While this series has been made into several movies, Riordan hasn’t backed those ventures, but whole-heartedly supports this event off Broadway.

You can hear one of the songs from the original play here, sung by Chris McCarrell who will star. While it doesn’t debut until March of this year, I’m sure fans are already clamoring to get tickets!

DVDs at the Library

saul twinsterssully







If you’re a regular library user, you’ll know that we offer lots of new DVDs each week. Not everything is a blockbuster…we also carry TV series, and now some fabulous documentaries!

Just a few of the new suggestions coming soon or available now at our library?

BETTER CALL SAUL: SEASON ONE—– If you loved “Breaking Bad”, you’ll want to watch this series which is a spin-off, but a bit of a prequel to shady lawyer Saul Goodman’s stint on the show. He made us all laugh at his questionable dealings, artfully decorated law office, and always noisy waiting room.

TWINSTERS——-This documentary follows the life of two young women who meet online and share more than just similar tastes in clothes. The search to discover where they came from will leave you glued to your seat.

SULLY-—-This new release is the latest from Clint Eastwood’s directorial fares, and stars Tom Hanks as the pilot who brought down a passenger jet in the middle of the Hudson River, saving everyone on board after both engines were hit by a flock of birds and disabled. This movie follows the story after the crash, as the National Transportation and Safety Board begins the investigation into whether or not it was the best place to land. You won’t believe what happened behind the scenes in this heroic tale!

You can drop into the library to place a hold or pick up one of these great DVDs, or check out the rest of our collection right here, or online. Don’t forget, we have lots of great new movies coming to our shelves each week.