Game of Thrones

thronesGame of Thrones is one of the most popular DVD series in our library. So it’s no wonder that there is a huge fan base out there eagerly awaiting the new season coming out on TV. This week, Entertainment Weekly has a great spread devoted to the popular characters and series happenings, so you might want to check it out if you’re a fan.

No access to Entertainment Weekly? If you are a library patron, all you need is your library card and PIN, and you can use the FLIPSTER app on our website to download this issue and many more.

Just drop by our library website today and flick on the Flipster link at the bottom of the page!

I Would…

What if..._For our Frivolous Friday post this week, I’m asking the question….”what if?”  This is actually a fun game that we play regularly at our Teen Book Club meetings, and incites plenty of laughter and conversation. But I’m really asking this question after coming across a funny blog post titled “If Justin Bieber Were My Son”.

The premise for the blog post is about what a mother (or father) would do or say if Justin Bieber were his or her child. The idea is that we ALL have lots to say about Justin Bieber—and any other young person that seems to be making bad choices in their lives without any guidance, and yet….are we saying these things to our own children?

Maybe the spoils of fame are to blame for poor decision making at that age, but I’m sure we’d all like to think it has something to do with the parenting as well. If J.B’s mother had just instilled a little more common sense in him, or if she had simply told him to say “no” once in a while, maybe he’d make better decisions. (If all of the other young pop stars want to jump off the side of a cliff, YOU don’t have to do it, too, Justin.)

So, are you telling your child wise things? Maybe they need to hear them. Maybe we need to say them more often. What if your child suddenly rises to fame? Will it be too late then? What if your child just grows up and does normal things? Is it irrelevant then?

Of course, if you read through the statements on the post, some of them are pretty out there, but the idea….the idea that we need to be making bold statements to our kids in order to help them make better decisions….is right on the money. Try it. They might roll their eyes, but they’ll hear it, and maybe remember it when they need it most.

What brilliant thing have you told your child today?

Just for Fun!

Because we deal with technology here everyday, we’ve heard young people come into the library, sit at one of our older computers, and say,

Wow! This computer has Windows XP!  Where are the apps?

Of course, this will happen with all of the new generation at some point (Windows 7?? Wow!), but this video made me laugh.  Remember Windows 95?  Yeah, so do we…..

Are You Flipping Out Yet?

Flipster online magazinesMany of our patrons are flipping out over the new magazine app on our library catalog called Flipster. All you need is your library card to download and read these great magazines online, or in the free app.

What kinds of magazines, you ask? How about reading an article in “Popular Science” this month about how ISIS is using all the best social media practices to make connections with their followers? Or how about reading about a trip to Georgia in the winter months to find out all about the food and hospitality they have to offer in “Food & Travel” this month? Or read all about the man who makes the average superstar in Hollywood into a superhero (at least, he makes over their bodies to look that way), in “Vanity Fair” this month.

We have so many great magazines you can read–along with their back issues–so get started today! It’s a great way to pass the time during all this bad weather we’ve been having. And even better? It’s free with your library card!

Oscar Time!

It’s almost that time of year again—Oscar time! Yes, at the end of this month, the Academy Awards will be given to the most outstanding movies of the year. And if you haven’t seen all of the movies nominated for Best Picture, we’ve got them at the library! Sure, you might have to wait until after the winners are announced, but it can still be fun to get caught up and see if they picked the right one.

And the nominees for Best Picture are:

moviesA lot of these movies were books first, so it will also be interesting to see which ones have a surge in popularity over the next few weeks. If you’ve read any of these, or seen the movies, do you have a favourite pick? Let us know! And cross your fingers on February 28th. We can’t wait to see who wins!

Allegiant Is Almost Here

If you’ve been a fan of Veronica Roth’s DIVERGENT series, you no doubt know that the final installment of the series, ALLEGIANT, is about to hit theatres in mid March, just in time for March Break. As with most of the Young Adult books turned into movies, this one is being split into two movies to draw in more fans (and money) one would assume. The final trailer for this first installment of ALLEGIANT was just released:

If you’re itching to fill in the gaps, or just want to know a little more about the movie, we’ve got the movie-tie in book on order here at the library. Drop by our library catalog today to reserve it for you once it comes in!

allegiantSee you at the movies on March 18th!

Creativity is Alive and Well at the Library

As part of our “Lifelong Learning” series at the library, we have been running a six-week course entitled, “Find Your Creative Self”. It rose out of the interest people have in creativity, and the lack of inspiration we sometimes feel when it comes to making things. After the flood of interest, we thought maybe you’d like to know how things are going.

Most of the course is based around the ideas from two creativity-inspiring books. The first is Julia Cameron’s THE ARTIST’S WAY, and the second is Elizabeth Gilbert’s BIG MAGIC.

waymagicBoth books cover many of the same topics, from identifying the fears that hold us back, to learning to respect and love the act of creating, to championing ourselves when we don’t often feel like we can. But each book takes a different approach–one quite rigid with meaningful exercises and soul-searching, and one more inspiration-based–and we decided to combine the ideas to appeal to a variety of people.

Each week, we do a creativity activity (or a “creactivity”, as I like to call it)–anything from drawing crazy pictures based on a single shape, to making art out of string cheese. Let me tell you, this past week was one of our best activities–where we performed a rousing rendition of “Swinging on a Star” using only found instruments, such as sponges, pool noodles, safety pins and thumbtacks. Bruce Springsteen—look out!

cheeseBut more importantly, the participants have really been making some progress in their creative lives. We’re discovering what’s been holding us back (lack of time!), ways in which we can open up our creative minds (try cleaning out a closet and getting rid of things you never use), and a greater sense of allowing ourselves to be creative. It’s been a struggle, and there have been some near-tears, but we’ve also done a lot of laughing and getting to know new friends and supporters.

Will everyone come out of this with a brand new hobby or career? Maybe not. But I know that most people are enjoying doing new things and trying the challenges they’re faced with each week as a means of exploring their abilities. After the end of the six weeks, we’ll do a little assessment, and see what we’ve learned and how we’ve grown, and hopefully, there will be progress made in the future as they go off and try to approach creativity in new ways. I think, if anything, we’ve all learned to be easier on ourselves. Being creative is supposed to be fun, not guilt-inducing, or self-esteem-crumbling.

Happy creating, everyone!