Tiny Homes

I’ve been hearing a lot of people talk about selling their homes lately. Are they downsizing, or upsizing? It seems that there is a great deal of both going on. While the cost of new homes has skyrocketed (how can young people afford a starter home?), many people are becoming creative and moving toward the “tiny house” goal.

microAfter watching a documentary (“Tiny”) on Netflix about a man who decides to build a tiny home without any previous construction experience (he watches YouTube videos to learn how to do everything from framing, to electrical, to flooring), the idea is quite appealing. However, I think you have to be a certain type of person to live this way. There are definitely issues that each of these homeowners face, from growing families to property rentals.

Some of the dwellings are barely big enough to walk around in, and yet others can be quite spacious….it’s all about storage, apparently. And while some people are lucky enough to be able to build a tiny house on a piece of property they own, many are simply building in backyards or on trailers that can be moved from place to place.

If you’re interested in the tiny house movement, there are many great websites out there, as well as books like the one above, to give you inspiration, and answer questions about whether or not this is the lifestyle for you. Just Google “tiny house” and you can surf the web for days ooh-ing and ahhh-ing at all of the cute homes that pop up in the feed.

You can find out more about the documentary “TIny” at the Tiny the Movie website.

In the running…

There are only a few short days left before the elections on October 19th, but you still have time to read a little more about some of the candidates. And wouldn’t you know it, two of the three party leaders have new books out, and the third has one from 2014.


While these books might not sway your vote in one direction, it might be interesting to read more about each of these men who are vying to take/keep control of the reins this fall. Don’t forget, the library is a great place to further your understanding of important political issues, people, and party standings. Drop in to read the daily newspaper to keep abreast of everything happening in our area, or book a computer to surf the web and read current news articles.

And don’t forget to exercise your right to vote on October 19th.

Adult Services are Here!

20150713_111645When we think of libraries and programs, our minds often go right to children’s programming. While this usually is the main focus of library programs, it ignores an entire group of patrons—adults. We’ve offered a few programs for adults in the past (home delivery for shut-ins, adult bad art night, and writing groups),  but now, we’re so pleased to finally be able to offer regular programming for adults at the Carleton Place Public Library.

With the addition of a new staff member, Caroline, who is taking Adult Services to a whole new level here, this week marks the official start of some great new programs aimed at adults. This week alone, we’re offering an Adult Colouring Night, a Family Board Game Night, and our new regular weekly feature–tech tutoring! It’s going to be hopping here this week!

Why are library services like adult programs so important?

Library programs are usually free, and often fill a gap in services offered in the community in some way. People who have used libraries as children will tend to continue to use libraries as adults, and offering adult-aimed programs is one more way to keep libraries relevant in our towns and cities.

Whenever libraries close, low-income families often feel the greatest impact of the closure thrust upon them. Free programs for their children disappear. Entertainment and reading for pleasure, as well as education, becomes impossible. And having access to basic needs, such as the internet, also becomes more difficult. These are often, also, the people who are participating in free programs at the library, and where our services become vital.

Who can participate?

Anyone can sign up or attend free programs at the library. Our fall schedule is located on our library catalog, as well as being available in the library at the front desk. There are no costs to any of our programs—from game nights, to book clubs, to tutoring—and everyone is welcome.

Do I have to bring anything?

If you are participating in our Tech Tutoring program, it is beneficial if you bring your devices, such as your laptop or tablet, or your phone. And don’t forget those passwords! Nothing is more frustrating than beginning a session, only to find out you can’t get any apps set up on your tablet because you can’t remember your passwords.

If you are coming to any of our game nights, or colouring events, just bring yourself (and some friends!), and be ready to have fun. We’ll supply everything else.

How long will these programs run?

Most of our adult services are going to run throughout the year, with a short break around December. Please call for more details, or refer to our online calendar if you’re not sure.

And if you’re interested in seeing other adult services/programs offered at our library, make sure to talk to Caroline while you’re here. We’d love to know what you think, and strive to offer what our community is asking for. Don’t sit silent….let your voice be heard when it comes to adult programs!

Fall is here…almost!

At the Carleton Place Public Library, we’re getting ready for an exciting fall full of programs for children, teens and adults. This year, with the addition of our new Adult Program Co-Ordinator Caroline, we have TONS of great new events and options for adults, too. Don’t forget the library when planning your fall schedule.

You can download a copy of our schedule, or pick up your own version at the library (it has a lot more information on it). But in the meantime, here is a quick rundown of upcoming programs:

CHILDREN: Registration required unless stated


Storytime –  Starting Sept. 16th (9:30am or 10:15am, Wednesday mornings, ages 2-5)

Babytime — Starting Sept., 17th (9:30am, Thursday mornings, ages 0 – 12 months)

Une Heure de Conte en Francais — Starting Sept., 18th (10:30am, Fridays…no registration, all ages)

Lego Drop In Days — PD Day/PA Day drop in from 2-4pm, no registration

Stuffed Animal Sleepover — Friday, Oct., 23rd…for Ontario Library Week

Halloween Craft Night — Tuesday, Oct. 27, 6-7pm, ages 6-11

Christmas Craft Night — Tuesday, Dec., 1st, 6-7pm, ages 6-11

We’ll also be running Forest of Reading starting in December, the Elf on the Library Shelf, and a few other fun surprises during Ontario Library Week, October 18-23/15. You can also see our library catalog for more details on these programs.

TEEN & ADULT PROGRAMS: Registration required unless otherwise stated

20150822_144306Technology Training— For teens or adults. One on one sessions, any devices, any programs, Thursdays by appointment

Nerd Herd Teen Book Club — Last Wednesday of each month, 4-5:30pm, ages 12+ (drop in to pick up a book list)

Bridging the Generation Gap Book Club —Second Tuesday of each month, 6-7:30pm, ages 11+/adult. Begins November 10th!

20150822_144313Board Games Night — Begins Sept., 22 — alternating Tuesdays, all ages drop in

NaNoWriMo— National Novel Writing Month- Nov. 1-30, all ages. Write a book with us in November! (Come to the NaNoWriMo Kick Off Party on Thursday, Oct., 29 6-7pm for more information)

Colour Yourself Calm — Begins Sept. 23,  Every 4th Wednesday, 6:30pm, adults only, Drop in!

Adult Book Club – Begins Sept. 14th, Second Monday of each month, 6:30-8:30pm (Reading list available here)

“Write a Novel in November” Workshop, Tuesday, Sept. 29, 6-7pm, no registration

Library Cookie Exchange – Thursday, Dec. 17th, 7pm. Register by Dec. 14th.

We’re also excited to offer a fantastic community program called “One Book, One Community” this fall. Join us on Monday, Sept. 14th at 6:30pm to learn about the book everyone in Lanark County will be reading this fall, FLEE, FLY, FLOWN by Canadian author Janet Hepburn.

Then, on Wednesday, Sept., 16th from 2-3pm, we’ll have local museum curator Jennifer Irwin stop by to discuss “Connections to the Past”, and key items in her collection at the museum.

Finally, on Friday, Oct. 2, from 2-5pm, FLEE, FLY, FLOWN author Janet Hepburn will make a special visit to the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum to talk about her book, and take questions: “In Conversation: Janet Hepburn”.

Plus, we’ll also have exciting things happening during Ontario Public Library Week, Oct. 18-24! Drop in to see what we’re doing!

We’ll let you know more about some of these programs as time goes on, but get your calendars out…it’s going to be a great fall!






New Horizons

Today is the day New Horizons will make its closest swing by Pluto, and the world is waiting for the photos and information. It’s going to be an amazing day!

NHHopkinsPoster_letterSize-page-001If you’ve been following NASA’s delve into the deepest parts of our Universe, it’s been a long time coming. Launched in 2006, New Horizons is the first spacecraft to reach Pluto and the Kuiper Belt…the farthest reaches of our Solar System. While it won’t land on Pluto, it is tasked with taking photos and uploading as much information to be transferred back to NASA as possible. We are finally going to see what this planet—and then non-planet—is all about.

Last week, only 10 days before the final pass, New Horizons had a bit of a technical issue which resulted in no information being sent to NASA for almost a 90 minute period. They were forced to shut down the main computer system in order to figure out the problem, but for a while, it was unclear if they’d be able to get it functioning in time to take photos or send back any information at all by the time today rolled around. Thankfully, the amazing brains at NASA managed to figure out the glitch and get New Horizons back on track.

You can read all about the mission, future missions, and what they hope to discover about Pluto at NASA’s New Horizons page right here.

For weeks, NASA has been answering fantastic questions posted by people on their Facebook page, on Twitter and through email. Questions like, “Why is it just passing by and not landing?” (Watch this quick video to find out! Hint: it has something to do with fuel.), and “How big or how small is Pluto?” (answer: it’s only about half the width of the United States).

We have lots of books about space in the library, as well as NASA, and specifically, Pluto. And if you’d like to have your own New Horizons Plutopalooza party to celebrate (maybe a fun event for the kids?), check out the information NASA has compiled on their website, complete with printable stickers, posters and more.

plutoHappy fly-by, New Horizons!  We can’t wait to see what you find!

Summer Reading Help

summer tutorIf you have a young reader in Kindergarten in our community, you might be one of the lucky ones to take part in our first summer of the Lanark Literacy Tutoring Program. All of the surrounding libraries in Lanark County are running some sort of literacy tutoring program throughout the summer (some even run them all school year long as well), so we are excited to jump into the mix.

Over the last month, our literacy tutor, Erica, has taken extensive training to help prepare her for the young people she’ll be working with this summer. She’s put together an exciting and encouraging program for these students who need a little coaching to keep their literacy skills strong over the summer months.

If your family was contacted by your school regarding this program and you filled in the registration papers, Erica will be contacting you over the next few days to arrange your child’s tutoring session this summer. It will be a two-week session, an hour each day, with some fun “homework” to help support your child in his or her reading efforts.

As well, each child will be participating in our TD Summer Reading Club program at the library (although in a slightly different way), so we’re hopeful they’ll have fun, learn some skills…and take home some extras from the library this summer.

Just a reminder, there will be a Parent Information Session on Monday, June 29th from 6-7pm at the Carleton Place Public Library. Parents will receive the starter kit, sign some important forms, and will be able to pay the $15 fee for supplies (fees will be waived if necessary). Please plan to attend. If you can’t make it, please let us know so that we can provide an alternate plan to get your child started with summer reading.

Summer Planning Underway

Summer Reading Calendar Coming Soon!While you might not realize it, we’ve been working on summer programming for a couple of months now. Things are taking good shape, and we’ll have the summer calendar out really soon, we promise! Keep watch here, on our library Facebook page, and when you drop into the library…we’ll let you know when it’s available (and make a copy available online, too).

We’ll have lots of fun reading programs, including the TD Summer Reading Club for children, special events, weekly programs in the library, and much more. Make a “Play” date with us at the library…we promise lots of fun!