Let the Creative Juices Flow!

Last year, when I made this for our Halloween wall:



….a generous patron came in and announced she’d be donating a Cricut cutting machine to the library so I would never have to cut out 8000 bats (or squares, or letters, or eyeballs) ever again. Well, we received it a week or so ago, and last week, I finally got a chance to try it out. WOW!  I can’t believe how amazing this is going to be to help create bulletin boards, crafts for storytime and wall displays.  The possibilities are virtually endless!


After opening the box, I followed the instructions and set everything up.  So nice and easy to work! It’s a Cricut Expression, and you can find out more about it here. 

20131018_103040It came with all of this great stuff, like a sticky cutting board and informative booklets.  Once I set it up and planned my letters, I found some nice paper and….


… got ready to cut.  Now, I can make great big letters like this all the time, or wee little ones, without the hassle of having to cut out every single piece.  A BIG gigantic thank you to Victoria Fraser and her Scraptease store for making this all possible for us.  She has a Facebook page!  Drop over and see all the great things she’s doing.


Thanks again, Victoria. This has made our lives a LOT easier!

Change is Good!

We’re seeing red at the library, and no, we’re not angry!


Pretty soon, we’ll have more exciting photos to share….stay tuned!

Large Print Beauties!

Once upon a time, large print books were scarce.  And the ones that were available had drab covers with extra large fonts. For people who had vision problems, or just wanted something a little easier to read as they aged, large print books were an okay option–not great, but okay. 


Times have changed! Not only are we able to get many of the latest best-sellers and new releases in large print format, but the covers are exciting and often exactly the same as the regular print versions.

20130826_113747This is a welcome change to the library shelves. Contemporary books with contemporary covers means more people will be reading these, even as large print.

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Get creative!

Finally, a Frivolous Friday post! It always amazes me when I see creative people who make fantastic things out of simple principles or basic materials. Khoa Phan is one of those people. He creates unbelievable stop-motion videos using not much more than paper and a camera.  He even recycles his materials to use later!

He started his wonderful videos after using Vine, a mobile app owned by Twitter that allows users to create and post video clips. He wanted to do something more creative, and got to work on his first Vine. But it was his second one that caught the attention of the Vine creators, who selected it as a favourite. After that, he started getting lots of followers and hits to his creations. He’s now gone on to create more than 100+ vines, many with a positive theme like “have a nice day”.

His videos are also now starting to get the interest from brand names, such as Coca Cola. Who wouldn’t want a creative genius to do a fun video for them? If you want to read a wonderful interview with Khoa Phan and find out how he does these videos, here’s a fantastic article!

Maurice Sendak’s Google Doodle

It’s Maurice Sendak’s 85th birthday today, and in honor, Google has created an interactive Google Doodle celebrating  WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE. Yay!


Need a card? Print your own!


Insanely beautiful and very trendy, these fun little note cards at the great little website called Caravan are FREE!  All you need to do is download and print them onto your own cardstock.  While you’re there, you can also read their creative blog and maybe be inspired to do something special this weekend! Have fun!

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