March Break Day 2

relaxDay 2.  Yes…the week has only just begun.  But we have some interesting ideas for you today.

Elon Musk is an inventor, entrepreneur, and explorer. Ashley Vance takes the bestseller and adapts it for young readers…because aren’t they the ones who will be championing change in our world?

71uytf23gdlELON MUSK AND THE QUEST FOR A FANTASTIC FUTURE for Young People, is a great story about the man himself, sure to inspire your kids to get out there and do something, make something, create something, or champion something. We have this edition at the library now. Why not pick it up and read it together this week? Some great discussions could come out of this!

March Break at the Library!

1Just a few more days until March Break! Don’t forget, we have LOTS of fun things going on at the library all week, for all ages. Drop in, participate, read, pick up materials…we’re going to be busy!

Since it will be a VERY busy week, if you’re looking for Museum Passes (they’ll be in big demand), you can stop by our website to see what’s available. We’ll try to keep a running list of what we have when you drop in, but you can stay one step ahead by checking the website. Just click on this link, and scroll down to the bottom of the page to see availability. You can’t place holds on museum passes, so be patient. And if you take one out and use it, please bring it back as soon as you can so that others might take advantage of the savings. We know there will be a lot of people waiting!


Carleton Place Winter Carnival

16387347_1201530616628861_8551207839281272972_nThe Carleton Place Winter Carnival is this weekend, and you still have time to drop off your Birthday Cards for Chilly at the library!

Draw, write or craft a birthday card and drop it off in the special mailbox in the library, and we’ll make sure Chilly gets it.

The Carleton Place Winter Carnival will be featuring them on their Facebook page, as well as hanging them up to decorate the Carleton Place Canoe Club on Carnival day. One lucky winner will be drawn at random on February 25th to win a special prize. Isn’t that fun?

Parents can pick up their child’s artwork at the Canoe Club that day too! #cpwintercarnival #chillysbirthday #CPWC5

 Happy Winter Carnival-ing!

TELUS Internet & Smartphone Safety at the Library

wise2Internet and cell phone safety is a big concern for most parents. And with kids getting their own devices and being online from an early age, they need to know some smart facts about what they need to do to protect themselves online.

Kim Schreader, from our local TELUS location, will join us on Tuesday, March 14th from 2-3pm for a fun and informative session about Internet and Smartphone safety for kids. They’ll learn about all kinds of things that they probably aren’t aware are causing them to broadcast their locations, what actually stays online even after a post is deleted, and much more.

This is going to be a popular program, and is aimed at kids in Grades 4-6, so call the library today to sign up. 257-2702

We’re Crafting Tonight!

februaryWe’re really looking forward to tonight! It’s our Valentine’s Craft Night at the library!  While the event registration is full, if you drop by the library tonight, I’m sure you’ll hear a lot of excited kids working on their crafts.

We’ll have plenty of heart-y things to make, a few games, and maybe a treat or two. If your young person missed out on this, don’t fret—we still have ONE MORE craft night coming in April. Happy Valentine’s Day!

March Break!

1Our March Break calendar is going out later this week, but we thought we’d give you a bit of a teaser.  We’ll have LOTS of fun programs going on each day, many of which will be drop ins and won’t require registration, and even a few online activities!

We’ll have calendars available to pick up at the library, we’ll post some here, and on our Facebook page and website. Feel free to download these online versions in full colour, drop in to register for that special event, or give us a call for more information. We’re gearing up for lots of excitement!

Stay tuned!