Blue Spruce, Silver Birch, Red Maple…oh my!

Forest of Reading is about to begin…just one short week away!  We’ll be visiting schools in January, but children are welcome to start reading in December. (It’s always a great way to get ahead over the holidays.)

The books in each category are really interesting this year…we can’t wait to put up our display and see which books are taken out first!

If you have a reader in Kindergarten to Grade 8, encourage them to join our Forest of Reading program this year. It’s a wonderful way to engage new readers, to promote all of the fantastic Canadian authors and illustrators featured, and to get through the winter blahs. (And at the end of April…we’ll have a voting night and party!)

Stay tuned…


Christmas Craft Night

We’re getting ready for a fun night of crafting at the end of the month. Registration begins today for Tuesday, November 28 from 6-7pm. Kids aged 6-11 will join us for fun, frosty crafts, games, and more. It’s one of our most popular nights of the year, so don’t delay—register today!

Halloween Storytime Drop In!

Do you have little ones who are eager to get out tonight? We’re holding a Halloween Storytime Drop In for 2-5 year olds this afternoon at 1:30pm. It’ll be a fun half hour of spooky stories and more–all aimed at the younger crowd.

Dress up, if you like, and drop in. No registration necessary. See you later……..


Looking for something to do during PA Days this year? We’ve got a plan–and we’re calling them “Funtivity Days”!
Drop in during a Funtivity Day for Lego in the afternoon between 1:30 – 3:30pm. If it also happens to be a snow day, we’ll have a special I Spy, as well.
Funtivity Days are drop in only–no registration required. But keep in mind, these Lego afternoons have minimal supervision. If you have young children, please plan on staying in the room.
Funtivity days fall on Oct. 6 & 27, Nov. 24, Jan 26 & 31, Feb. 16, Apr. 27, May 18 & June 8. (We celebrate all PA Days for children in our communities, including the Upper Canada School Board, the Catholic School Board of Eastern Ontario, Ottawa Public School Board, and the Ottawa Catholic School Board. We understand that not every school has the same PA Days, so please consult your OWN school schedule.)

Hey Toddlers!

We’re almost done with babies, and that means we’re thinking about Toddlers now. Join us for a fun five-week session of stories, early literacy games, rhymes and more. It’s going to be a busy morning, but lots of fun, too!

This program runs Thursday mornings at 9:30am, from Oct. 26 – Nov. 30. Register your child aged 1-2 years old by calling 257-2702, or dropping by the library anytime before the session begins.