Mapsacks are back!

Mapsacks are BACK!

Mapsacks contain everything you need to explore the outdoors. We have two specific topics available, Poop & Bugs. They include books and research materials such as magnifying glasses and bug boxes.

You check the Mapsack out just like a book and return it with everything inside (minus any of the poop or bugs you collected, of course).

Why not grab a Mapsack and one of the Library’s passes to Rideau Valley Conservation Authority or Ontario Parks for this weekend. Its the perfect time of year to get out there and explore!


Five Super Days!

On Sunday, we begin our special fundraising event for the Children’s Summer Literacy Program. We’re calling it “Five Super Days”, and we’d love for you to get involved!

During those five days, donate $5 either online or at the library to our literacy program, and you’ll be investing in our community. Raising a reader is hard, but your support will continue to benefit a child well after the summer is over.

We’re almost finished our fundraising push, so we’re hoping this week will put us over the top. We’ll have daily goals, fun facts, and lots of love for our Super Squad of donators.

Thank you! We think you’re SUPER!

Super Cookies!

This month is our last big push for fundraising for our Children’s Summer Literacy program, and we’re doing something special all month long. Drop into the library anytime this month to grab a Super Cookie for $2, and all of the proceeds will go toward our program.

We want you to know how SUPER you are, and we thought rewarding you with a cookie would be fun. For the cost of a cup of coffee, you can invest in the young readers of our community. Doesn’t that make you feel good?

Thank you for being such a great supporter of our programs. Hope to see you this month!

Forest of Reading® Voters

We’re getting close to Voting Night for Forest of Reading®, which is Thursday, April 19th from 6-7pm. Only those readers who have read enough books in their category are eligible to vote. Right now, our voting list is short, but the readers list–those who are almost done–is growing. With 3.5 weeks left, there’s still plenty of time to finish, so keep reading!

If you have a young reader at home who you believe should be on the list, make sure to drop into the library to update the book so that I have current lists of finished books for every reader. I can’t put a name on the list if if their checklist in the library is blank.

Happy reading…we’re looking forward to April 19th!

Do you Parle Francais?

If you’ve been to one of our French Storytime sessions lately, you’ll know that we have a big population of families who want their children to grow up hearing and speaking French. Often, they have no place to go for this outside of home until they go off to school. But we offer a weekly storytime session called “Une Heure de Conte en Francais” on Friday mornings at 10:30am for all ages.

No registration is necessary…just drop in for some stories, a few songs, and lots of laughs (maybe even a little yoga, if our favourite little yoga instructor shows up). This week is our last March session, and since next week is Good Friday, the library will be closed, so no French storytime that day. However, we’ll be back at it in April and go through the end of the month, before taking a quick break to plan for summer.

Hope to see you and your little ones today!


This week, I’m reading UNPLUGGED by Steve Antony during storytime. I’m taking a bit of a risk reading this book to a large group of kids. It’s filled with plenty of black and white illustrations, tiny little pictures in the middle of the book, and the general idea of computering looks more like something out of 1990 than 2018.  I’m not sure they’ll understand. And Blip–the main character–is a robot, I think. So, why is this robot attached to the computer all the time?  I’m not sure either. And I think it might be a stretch to explain it to kids raised on iPads.


The point to the book is that Blip is chained to the computer all day. It’s fun, and she learns things, and gets to experience adventures and far away places. When the power goes out, she accidentally trips over the power cord and falls down the stairs and lands outside. Outside. That’s when she discovers colour…and grass, and birds, and friends.  It’s lovely, and I hope the lesson isn’t lost on the kids. Especially now that it’s spring. With the cold weather and snow (hopefully) mostly behind us, I’m hoping the kids will see that it’s nice to get outside and play and enjoy life.

It might be a better story to read to an individual child on your knee, where you can discuss the pictures and take time to really look at all the detail, but I’m hoping the bigger picture here will work. Wish me luck.

Anne, Our Anne

If you’re Canadian, you have seen your fair share of Heritage Minutes. Usually accompanied by a sweeping soundtrack, the short clips played on CBC would tell about an important moment in Canadian history. Today, they’re still being made, but they’re so gorgeous now!

Here is the latest installment…a Heritage Minutes spot about Lucy Maud Montgomery, and her heroine Anne. You might have heard of her? She lived in Green Gables.

The spot highlights the beauty of PEI, and tells a little about ANNE OF GREEN GABLES, as well as Lucy Maud Montgomery herself. She almost didn’t publish ANNE, but persevered, even though she was told it would be too difficult as a woman to get published.

This series is a favourite of our former librarian, Janet. Every time one of the books crosses the library desk at work, we’re reminded how much she cherishes them.

Have you read the series? Do you have a favourite?