Welcome to Kindergarten!

Did you know that the library participates in Welcome to Kindergarten events at our local schools? It’s a great way to tell parents about library programs, support early literacy, and also to form bonds with our schools. After all, we do many things within our community schools, and this is a nice way to help support their programs.

If you have a young person heading off to school this year, no doubt you’ll be going to a Welcome to Kindergarten event. At each event, you’ll learn about the school, discover all of the great things your child will be doing in the fall, and take home a wonderful bag stuffed with information, books, literacy supplies and more. You’ll also be able to talk with members of the literacy community, like librarians, the Ontario Early Years Centre and more. All of us are involved in the the Learning Partnership that helps to support schools and early literacy, to make our young people ready for school, and support those who might need some extra help to succeed.

It’s just another way libraries help to make our communities stronger.

Eight Interesting Questions with Jonathan Auxier

18405537This year, during class visits from St. Mary’s Catholic School, we’ve been reading THE NIGHT GARDENER by Jonathan Auxier. It’s a dark, wonderful tale, and the kids have been enjoying it so much, I’ve even had children stop me in the grocery store begging me to tell them  a few secrets from upcoming chapters. (I don’t.)

So when I came across an interview with Auxier that uses questions from eight other children’s book authors, I was super interested to hear what he had to say.  You can read the full interview by clicking here.

If my group of writers doing Camp NaNoWriMo could take away one great piece of advice from this interview, I think it would be regarding distractions. Auxier doesn’t even have INTERNET ACCESS on his phone or computer! Wow. That’s dedication to writing.

Our Winners!

Last Thursday, our young readers who had participated in Forest of Reading® from December to April, came and voted on their favourite books. They had to read at least 8 books in most of the categories in order to be able to vote, so we feel confident they picked the best ones of the lot.

And the winners were:

Blue Spruce™

Cardinal-and-the-Crow-WebSilver Birch Express™ —a three-way tie!

express.jpgSilver Birch Fiction™—a two-way tie!

fictionSilver Birch Non-Fiction™—another two-way tie!

nonficAll of the winners we picked were tabulated and sent off to Toronto to join in all of the libraries and schools who also participated. Once all of the votes are in, “official” winners will be announced, and the Canadian authors and illustrators who were chosen will win one of the coveted prizes.  We can’t wait to see how we did! Check back here in May for all the details.

We’re Voting!

It’s Forest of Reading® Voting Night at the library, and we’re excited! We have the polling stations ready, pencils sharpened, and ballots ready to cast. Who knows what books we’ll be picking as the winners tonight?

20160414_112710If your young reader finished all of the required books in their category, they are eligible to come and vote starting at 6pm.  If they did not finish enough books to vote, they can still come and enjoy the party from 6-7pm.  At the end of the session, we’ll announce the winning books, and get our votes all sent off to Toronto for the final tabulations.

This is an exciting night, so if you’re at the library, expect to hear kids having fun talking about books!

Spring Craft Night!

SPRINGWe’re all full up, but just a reminder to any young crafter who is already signed up….we’re ready for you tonight at 6pm.

We have some fun crafts planned tonight, and games…and as always, treats. Hopefully, we’ll have some great photos to post tomorrow on Facebook!

Happy Crafting everyone!

Lego Drop In Added!

LEGOWhile we thought our Lego Drop In dates for early spring were all over, they surprised us by adding a new date to the PA calendar…..Friday, April 15th!  That means, if you’re looking for something to do this afternoon, we’re holding a Lego Drop In from 2-4pm here at the library for kids of all ages.

No registration is necessary, just drop by and have fun.  Note to parents: this will be mostly unsupervised, so if you’re coming with young children, please plan on staying. See you this afternoon!

New French Resources!

maBiblio_logoWe have some great new options for patrons looking for eBooks and Audiobooks in French! Mabiblionumerique is our newest e-Resource, completely accessible through our main library website. All you need is a library card,  set your login, and you’re ready to go!

There are plenty of great options, from Quebecois authors, to non-fiction, to translations of popular titles for both adults and children. And if you’re not fluent, but looking for some options to get you started, the website is also offered in an English interface to make it easy. Drop by our library website, and choose ONLINE RESOURCES, then LANGUAGE LEARNING, and then Mabiblionumerique….or simply click the link here to go directly to the login page.

You’ll have to download a small program to use the interface, but it’s easy to use, and you can take out a number of books at one time and read to your heart’s content.

Voila! This is a wonderful way to supplement your French reading!