iPads for Beginners

Last weekend, we held one of our first tech seminars of the fall–“Introduction to Android”, and it was hugely popular. Patrons who have iPads aren’t out of the loop, though…we’re having a webinar for you on Saturday, Oct. 8th at 2pm! 

20160916_111638“iPads for Beginners” will cover everything a beginner needs to know about using iPads. It will be a hands-on session devoted to instruction, with some question time at the end. If you have a brand new iPad, please make sure that you have it set up before you attend the session, as our tech-spert won’t have time to do all of the initial things that are necessary to get the iPad registered etc.

Participants should bring their devices charged and ready to go. We’ll help you connect to our Wi-fi when you get here and go through all of the fun things you need to know in order to use your iPad fully.  And if you need more instruction following this session, Caroline offers Tech Thursdays—a full hour of one-on-one sessions about anything you need help with.

For the seminar and the one-on-one sessions, please call to register at 257-2702. We don’t want anyone to miss out on this great opportunity!

Class Visits

Did you know that the Carleton Place Public Library has a number of classes from various schools who visit us on a monthly basis? We invite them to come when the library isn’t open, and it makes the visit fun and easy. They’ll walk down from school, take out books, and we always read something together as a group. It’s a great way to expand on their reading options, and get them outside for some fresh air.

This fall, we’re starting some of the groups off with this magical new read called FURTHERMORE by Tahereh Mafi.

Costumes, anyone?

COSTUME EXCHANGE(1)We’re trying something fun…and environmentally friendly!  A Halloween Costume Exchange!

Drop off your gently used child’s halloween costume during the last week of September, and we’ll organize them and put them out on Wednesday, October 12 for you to take! While we can’t guarantee that we’ll have one for everybody, we’re hoping this might become a community tradition. Recycling at its best!

We only wish the whole thing involved candy.

Nerd Herd Reunites!

Teen Book Club posterWe’re so excited to bring back all of our teens for a new Nerd Herd meeting at the end of the month. We’re getting together on Wednesday, September 28th from 4-5:30pm to discuss READY PLAYER ONE by Ernest Cline. While it’ll be interesting to see if any of the Herd gets the 80’s references, they’ll certainly be able to identify with the whole video game concept. I can’t wait to hear what they think about it!

On that note, if you have a teen at home (aged 12+) who loves to read, why not suggest coming to one of our meetings. All they have to do is drop by the front desk to register and pick up a copy of this month’s book. We talk about the book we’ve read, other books, movies, the internet….whatever comes up. And yes, we have snacks! Our group is made up of a fairly even divide of girls and guys, so it’s a lot of fun, as you can imagine.

This fall, we’ll be reading books, hearing from a teen local author, and having a merry time at our Christmas party. In the new year, we’ll read more books, celebrate Teen Book Day, and maybe even take part in a book contest or two. The possibilities are endless, and steered by our members, so join us and have your say, too!

We’ve Flipped Out!

giraffeThis summer, if you’ve been following along, we’ve been adding donations from our generous patrons to a fun to “Adopt a Giraffe”. Early on, we named our buddy FLIP, and while the donations have been adding up, we’ve been keeping everyone updated on the progress. Donations have helped:

  • provide clean water
  • ensure lots of tall grasses for the habitat
  • given the giraffes a safe place to sleep at night
  • made our giraffe very happy

Of course, there are plenty of things the World Wildlife Fund does to help keep our world’s animals safe and thriving, and our donations will go towards all of their hard work. Stop by and adopt your own animal if you like, or just take a few minutes to see exactly what they do. We thought this was the perfect program in keeping with the “wild” TD Summer Reading Club theme, and we’ve enjoyed every minute of it. You can see Flip’s Progress below:


20160718_11104620160725_12032820160803_09312420160808_09473220160815_130647Thanks for dropping by to see Flip grow from your donations, and thank you for helping us to conserve the habitat of these lovely creatures! With your generous donations, we’re able to submit over $250 to the WWF program! That’s amazing!