March Break Day 5

relaxI often feel like there are moments in life that would be better understood (or absorbed) if there were a book to go along with it. And while I’m sure there are many books that would pair up well with life events, which ones are the best?

Will Schwalbe, author of of the best-selling THE END OF YOUR LIFE BOOK CLUB, takes us through life with a list of new books, and the reasons we read in general.

30211956BOOKS FOR LIVING is really an ode to books, the ones Schwalbe sought out to define moments in his life. Each chapter focuses on a different moment that meant something to him, and one book that he decided would encompass that particular life event. Maybe it reminded him of a certain important person, or a particularly evocative life lesson. His list covers all kinds of books, from classics, to children’s books, and even a cookbook!

What books would be the cornerstones of YOUR life? This is such an interesting question! I feel like so many books made up my childhood, and got me through certain periods that would have been almost unmanageable without them. And yet, in adulthood, the books I read tend to be more for entertainment, and less for life lessons, or comfort. What about you?

March Break Day 4

relaxSo many people are into Game of Thrones, or Vikings. All of this mythology is interesting, and makes for great characters and storylines. (It doesn’t hurt that the casting of these series is pretty amazing.)

But if you’re like a lot of people, these shows/books have also made you wonder about the mythology behind the stories. Best-selling author Neil Gaiman was one of those people, and while he writes many stories that are based on historical or mythical ideas, this time, he is sticking with the facts in NORSE MYTHOLOGY by Neil Gaiman.

30831912The really funny thing is, Gaiman got a lot of flack from readers when this first came out because they said he was just “rehashing” the myths. Um…..yes, that’s the point, right? Apparently, not everyone understood that. But regardless of whether you know about Norse Mythology or not, Gaiman’s writing style is bound to bring these stories to life in a way that they’ve never been told before.

So why not brush up on some of that mythology this week. You’ll be able to dazzle people over coffee soon enough!

March Break Day 3

relaxOkay, this is a book I could get with. THE ONE-MINUTE WORKOUT by Martin Gibala, Ph.D.

31247021Gibala talks about the science behind getting fit, and according to his research, you don’t have to spend hours in the gym each day if you do it right. Not sure what this would do to the whole fitness world if that were true, but I like the idea. And if you’re feeling too tired to work out this week, maybe picking up this book and trying some of the 8 interval workouts, or the microworkouts (how much more micro could you get than one minute??), will help you feel like you’ve conquered the world!

Have you read this? What do you think about the ideas?

March Break Day 2

relaxDay 2.  Yes…the week has only just begun.  But we have some interesting ideas for you today.

Elon Musk is an inventor, entrepreneur, and explorer. Ashley Vance takes the bestseller and adapts it for young readers…because aren’t they the ones who will be championing change in our world?

71uytf23gdlELON MUSK AND THE QUEST FOR A FANTASTIC FUTURE for Young People, is a great story about the man himself, sure to inspire your kids to get out there and do something, make something, create something, or champion something. We have this edition at the library now. Why not pick it up and read it together this week? Some great discussions could come out of this!

March Break Day 1

relaxMarch Break is typically something the kids look forward to…but it can be downright stressful for parents trying to think of things to keep them busy. While we have lots of things going on at the library all week (some need registration, some don’t….check out our catalog at ), parents…we’ve got some suggestions for YOU!

Today, it’s our Flipster magazines, available on our library website. All you need is your library card. You can download current and past issues of a variety of magazines. Read them on your computer, on your phone, or on your tablet. It’s a lot of fun, and it’s FREE!

How about this issue of REAL SIMPLE magazine.

realLearn how to start decluttering your life. Clean out those closets and cupboards, throw away things that you don’t use, or donate to someone who might need them. Spring cleaning has never felt so good! Relax and recharge….you deserve it!

French Storytime

French StorytimeHave you been to one of our French Storytimes lately? We’ve been reading stories in French and English, signing songs in both languages, and working on vocabulary. This is the perfect (short) session for young children who might speak some French at home or school, or are trying to learn a few words before school starts. It’s more structured than it used to be, and we always send home a little worksheet to help carry on the idea from the session.

There won’t be any French Storytime during the March Break, so drop in today if you want to see what it’s all about. You don’t have to register…just stop in for our 10:30 session. We hope to see you here!

March Break at the Library!

1Just a few more days until March Break! Don’t forget, we have LOTS of fun things going on at the library all week, for all ages. Drop in, participate, read, pick up materials…we’re going to be busy!

Since it will be a VERY busy week, if you’re looking for Museum Passes (they’ll be in big demand), you can stop by our website to see what’s available. We’ll try to keep a running list of what we have when you drop in, but you can stay one step ahead by checking the website. Just click on this link, and scroll down to the bottom of the page to see availability. You can’t place holds on museum passes, so be patient. And if you take one out and use it, please bring it back as soon as you can so that others might take advantage of the savings. We know there will be a lot of people waiting!