We’re Having a Drop In!

If you have a young crafter who would love to join us for a fun, frosty craft, we’re having a Chistmas Craft Drop In this afternoon from 1:30pm – 3:30pm. It’s going to be a lot of fun!



As the weather gets colder, we’re expecting bus cancellations. If the buses are cancelled, don’t forget, we’ll be having a special I SPY day at the library! Drop in anytime with the kids for some searchable fun!

And while we could have I SPY at the library every single day of the year if it were up to our young patrons, we know how popular this type of activity can be. We’ve even been caught searching through some of our new I SPY books to find the requested items while prepping the books to go out. They’re addictive!

We have a few new I SPY books at the library… I SPY 123, and I SPY ABC. These books combine the fun act of searching for tiny objects while teaching numbers and letters. What could be better?

I spy with my little eye, something that is hours of fun!

Christmas Storytime Drop In

Bundle the kids into their pajamas and drop by the library tonight at 6pm for a fun Christmas Storytime! No registration required…and children of all ages are welcome. We’ll read Christmas stories, sing songs, and get the kiddies all ready for a slumber full of sugarplum dreams.

See you at 6pm!

Two Important Things

We often have questions from patrons about our website, and two of the most common things involve books they want to put on hold. Hopefully, this will make your browsing a little bit easier.

QUESTION 1: How do I know if a book is available when I’m searching the catalog?

If a book is available when you’re searching our catalog, the STATUS column will tell you. It will clearly say “available”, as the yellow arrow above indicates. If a book is already out to another patron, there will be a date present in that column instead. You’re free to put a HOLD on the book in either case.

QUESTION 2: How do I put a book on HOLD?

When you’re searching for a book, if it is available, a HOLD button will appear at the top of the page, right where the green arrow indicates. Just click it, and you’ll be required to sign in with your library card and PIN. Once you’ve done that, the hold will appear in your account. We’ll notify you when we’ve taken the book off the shelf and released the hold to you.

If the book is currently out, you can still place the hold in the same manner. The HOLD request will tell you what place you are on the list, and we’ll notify you when it becomes available. It’s easy!

Hopefully, this will help sort out a bit of confusion!

Forest of Reading®

Forest of Reading is a fun Canadian reading program for children in Kindergarten to Grade 8. Kids read specific books, and vote on their favourites at the end of the program. It’s the only book award given to authors where children get to decide the winners. Fun, right?

And if your child has done Forest of Reading® before, they’re in for some fun changes this year. We’ve got lots of interactive fun planned—stay tuned!

Registration begins today, so make sure to drop in early this month to start reading. The earlier they begin, the easier it is to finish. We’ll give everyone a special handout to keep track of reading, and an explanation of the voting night and party. And of course, they all get to take home the first book they want to read.

Call or drop in to find out more. We’re already excited about April!

Cocoa is back!

Our favourite elf, Cocoa is back at the library today! He’s somewhat helpful, always surprising, and often, a little mischievous. But he’s here, and we’ve got him, and we want you to enjoy his visit as much as we do!

Download this Elf Card, start watching our Facebook page, or visit the library each day to see what he’s up to, and keep track of the items on this list. Once you fill up the card, drop it off at the library by Friday, December 22nd to be entered into a draw for “Cocoa’s Favourite Things”. He’s putting together a fun gift basket filled with lots of great items, and he wants someone to have it before Christmas.

Even if you don’t play along, make sure to follow us on Facebook. We always have lots of interesting items posted!

Winter Programs

Me, from October through April. It’s safe to say, I don’t look forward to winter.

But you might. Especially when you see all of the fun programs we have coming up in 2018 at the library. Our Winter newsletter is about to go out, and registration begins tomorrow for the January Storytime session, and our January Babytime session. These are both popular programs with the little ones, so make sure to give us a call to save a space.

Keep watching for our newsletter and all the winter fun!