Are You Speeding?

In 2016, the Federal Communications Commission in the US (the FCC), estimated that nearly 46% of Americans living in rural communities do not have regular access to high speed internet. The number would be similar here in Canada. And while high speed internet might not be seen as an essential service, it means that these people might be able to surf the web at home, but they won’t be able to stream content such as movies, or download websites that have a great deal of active content on their sites. And for those that can stream the odd bit of content pay much more for their internet fees than those in high population urban areas.

What does that mean for people? It’s about much more than just not being able to binge-watch Netflix. It means children won’t have access to some school activities or homework. It means that children (not to mention adults) will be missing out on important cultural references that their peers are taking for granted. It also means that families don’t have regular access to things that they might need to use, such as government websites, weather and news sites, and health information. When it takes too long for something to download, or a person knows the time they spend waiting will cost them extra that month, they’re reluctant to use it.

That’s where public libraries come in. It’s hard to believe, but not everyone has a cell phone or mobile device. That means people need reliable high-speed access from a free source that they can use regularly. And they need it at convenient times. Our community is a perfect example of this, with Beckwith and Mississippi Mills making up a large majority of the rural population. We have regular users, drop ins, and seasonal users of our computers, as well as people who come by just to use the free WiFi. We’re definitely an important part of the rural community.

If you didn’t have access to high speed internet, would you miss it?






Join us for some Library Fun!

Next week is Ontario Public Library Week! Once again, we’re doing some low-key celebrations at the library, but you’ll certainly have some fun if you drop by. From library trivia, to a crazy iSpy, to some silly fun for the kids, we’ll have lots going on.

You can also drop by our Facebook page for daily activities, public interest stories and more! Ontario Public Libraries—a visit gets you thinking! #OPLW

Star Wars Reads Day

We’re celebrating Star Wars Reads day this coming Saturday at the library. Drop in anytime between 10am – 5pm for a fun Star Wars I spy, a special photo wall, and lots of fun take homes—including books! We LOVE Star Wars at the library, and we know you do, too. Every day should be Star Wars Reads Day!

(Psssstt……dress as your favourite Star Wars character for extra fun!)

Long Weekend

It’s a long weekend coming up, and that means the library will be closed for an extra day. Make sure you drop in ahead of Thanksgiving to pick out new materials, renew items, or to use our WiFi. While we’re closed, you’ll still have access to our online resources, but you’ll need your library card and PIN to access them, so make sure you’ve got that all sorted.

Here are the library hours as follows:

Friday, October 6th — OPEN 9:30am – 5:30pm

Saturday, October 7th — OPEN 10:00am – 5:00pm

Sunday, October 8th — CLOSED

Monday, October 9th — CLOSED

Enjoy your long weekend!



Looking for something to do during PA Days this year? We’ve got a plan–and we’re calling them “Funtivity Days”!
Drop in during a Funtivity Day for Lego in the afternoon between 1:30 – 3:30pm. If it also happens to be a snow day, we’ll have a special I Spy, as well.
Funtivity Days are drop in only–no registration required. But keep in mind, these Lego afternoons have minimal supervision. If you have young children, please plan on staying in the room.
Funtivity days fall on Oct. 6 & 27, Nov. 24, Jan 26 & 31, Feb. 16, Apr. 27, May 18 & June 8. (We celebrate all PA Days for children in our communities, including the Upper Canada School Board, the Catholic School Board of Eastern Ontario, Ottawa Public School Board, and the Ottawa Catholic School Board. We understand that not every school has the same PA Days, so please consult your OWN school schedule.)

Hey Toddlers!

We’re almost done with babies, and that means we’re thinking about Toddlers now. Join us for a fun five-week session of stories, early literacy games, rhymes and more. It’s going to be a busy morning, but lots of fun, too!

This program runs Thursday mornings at 9:30am, from Oct. 26 – Nov. 30. Register your child aged 1-2 years old by calling 257-2702, or dropping by the library anytime before the session begins.