Welcome, Maren!

Last week, you met one of our new staff members, Caroline. This week, we’re pleased to introduce our new Materials Processing Clerk, Maren.

20150731_141835CPPL: Welcome, Maren!  It’s been a busy few weeks for everyone here, but it’s nice to see you settling in so well. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Maren:  I was born in Truro, Nova Scotia, but grew up in my grandparents’ house when my family moved to Stellarton. After earning a degree in History at St. Thomas University in Fredericton, NB, I decided to pursue a different career path that was better suited to my interests and skills, and becoming a library technician clicked! It allows me to help people by sharing information, which is something I love doing. I recently graduated from Algonquin College and now I’m working here and couldn’t be happier!

CPPL: We’re just as happy, Maren. Your job here is quite detailed, and we know you must leave here each day with a tired brain. Do you even feel like reading when you get home? Are books the last thing you want to see?

Maren: Right now I’m reading DRUMS OF AUTUMN by Diana Gabaldon, the fourth book in the Outlander series. I’m a huge reader of historical fiction and have read primarily books about the War of the Roses and Tudor England.

CPPL: Bring on the historical fiction, then! Speaking of history, we hear you have quite the interest in genealogy. Do you have any other fun pastimes?

Maren: I’ve been researching my family history for the past year or so. I’ve always had an interest in genealogy when I would trace the family trees on the back of my English history books. I’ve also delved into the world of amateur jewellery making last year, and it’s something I want to start doing again.

CPPL: Okay, the important question…coffee or tea?

Maren: Coffee. Always coffee.

CPPL:Last but not least, if you could have one superpower, what would it be?

Maren:  Time travel! Since reading the Outlander series, the desire to have this superpower has only increased. I always thought it would be amazing to see what the world looked like before cities and human innovations.

CPPL: Time travel would be amazing! If only I could go back to right before I ate that triple chocolate cupcake. (Of course, I did enjoy it, so……)

A big thank you to Maren for taking the time to tell us a bit about herself. We’re glad to have you on staff!  And if you pop into the library, be sure to stop and say hello!


Just a reminder, the library will be closed today for the Civic Holiday. We hope all of our patrons will have a safe and happy long weekend.


Please keep all returns until Tuesday, August 4th. Our blur return box will go out at 9am then.  Don’t worry, you won’t be charged any fines for the days we are closed.

See you Tuesday!

What’s Happening?

It’s been a busy July, and we’re expecting August to be just as crazy! But don’t worry…we’re looking forward to every second of it! And you can be a part of the fun, too…..just give us a call to sign up for one of our wonderful programs.

yalpfridayComing up in August:

  • Our last two French Storytimes: Une Heure de Conte en Francais : Friday, August 7 & 14 at 10:30am….all ages. No registration required.
  • Jurassic Park Day on Monday, August 10th from 1-2pm, ages 9 – 12, registration required
  • Out of this World Drop In day on Thursday, August 13 from 1:30-4:30pm, all ages, no registration required.

Of course, we also have our weekly I Spy challenge, plenty of Book Bundles left, and we’re starting our second round of tickets for our Adult Summer Reading Club. Did you win the prize for July? Drop in to see if we drew your ticket number!

And don’t forget, there is still plenty of time for Yalp to visit with your family. He’s been soooo busy, going to museums, the Farmer’s Market and taking long bike rides. We can’t wait to see what adventures he’ll be up to next!

Nerd Herd Unites

fliesThe Nerd Herd (aka, our Teen Book Club) is meeting today to discuss this month’s read, LORD OF THE FLIES by William Golding. No doubt many of you will be familiar with this book, but it is totally new to our teens. You might even be surprised to find out that one of our teens suggested this book for our list, and I think they got it right!

We won’t be taking turns talking about the book with a conch shell, but if you’re at the library today, you might hear some talk of pigs and islands. It’s bound to be a fun session!

We’ll also be working on some new books for our reading list, so if you have a teen (aged 12+) who might like to join our group, this would be a great week to get involved. We meet the last Wednesday of each month from 4-5:30, and we have LOTS of fun. This is a growing group, so be sure to give us a call if you have a teen who is interested. The Nerd Herd unites once again!

Little Free Library

I’ve posted before about the wonderful Little Free Library idea. These are wonderful handmade creations that people put up in their communities to encourage people to read books. The idea is to take a book, or leave a book in one of these great nooks…no need for a library card or worries about late fees.

The idea has really taken off, and we now have a super book available at the library called THE LITTLE FREE LIBRARY BOOK : TAKE A BOOK, RETURN A BOOK by Margret Aldrich. It has wonderful photos, tells the history of the idea, and gives you some ideas to create your own little free library.

littleIf you’re looking for something fun to do this summer and have a great community that might get a lot of use out of something like this, why not drop in a pick up the book to see what it’s all about. Libraries of any type are a wonderful idea!

Cool Zone

The temperature is really going to climb this week, but don’t forget, the library is a great place to come and cool off. Drop in, bring along a cold drink, find a comfy seat, and enjoy our free Wi-Fi for a few hours. We have lots of great magazines and books to look at, or bring along your laptop, some headphones, and take out a movie to watch. Stay all day, or just a few hours….we’re happy to be a cool zone!


Yalp’s Friday Round Up!

yalpfridayWe missed Yalp’s Round Up last week, but that’s only because it was a really busy week. Who knew that Lego Drop Ins would be so popular?  (Yalp did!)

We finished up our first full session of Literacy tutoring, and it was a great success. The kids were delightful to see each day, and we they seemed really excited about coming back each time. A whole new session has started this week, and those eager young readers are already collecting their stickers and adding to our giant Tic-Tac-Toe board. Fun!

It was Harry Potter’s Birthday last week, and we celebrated by inviting plenty of Wizards to the library!

wizardsAnd even Yalp managed a visit with a friend this week. Seems like he has a variety of reading interests.

yalp3If you have youngsters who are looking for fun things to do this summer, give us a call at the library. We’re signing up for next week now…programs for Superheros, Royals and more!