Legacy Journaling

journal1Author Heather Tucker visited us at the Carleton Place Public Library last week to talk a little about her book, THE CLAY GIRL, and to run a workshop on Legacy Journaling. It was a VERY creative and informative evening. We were colouring, drawing, and doodling our way to elaborate family histories without feeling like we couldn’t do it. And I know many of us will continue to work on these for months to come.

claygirlThank you, Heather, for bringing your amazing talents, and wonderful, vibrant personality to our little town. We know it was a long few weeks for you, but we had a blast!


Sample pages from her journal.

journal3Wonderful display from the Carleton Place and Beckwith Heritage Museum.


1222-v1-115xWe all hoped this was coming…Alec Baldwin (with Kurt Andersen)’s parody of a presidential memoir entitled YOU CAN’T SPELL AMERICA WITHOUT ME: THE REALLY TREMENDOUS INSIDE STORY OF MY FANTASTIC FIRST YEAR AS PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP.  Penguin publishers will release this probably hilarious book on November 7, 2017…almost one year to the day that Trump was elected President.

Will there be resistance from the White House? Probably. Will it be more interesting than any of the books Donald Trump has ever written himself? Probably. I know I’ll be putting my name on the holds list.

What do you think? Would you read a book like this?

Freedom to Read Week

It’s Freedom to Read Week! If you’re not familiar, Freedom to Read Week is all about the freedom to think, freedom to read, freedom of the press, and freedom of speech. Naturally, this week is all about books, and how they can be controversial, but that they need to be defended at all costs.

20170227_144744We have an interesting display set up at the library showcasing books that have been banned for a variety of reasons.  Have you read any of these? Would you agree with the choice to ban them? (We’re not actually banning these books in our library….this is just for display purposes.)

20170227_144755And now I’m curious about that Little House on the Prairie book…….

Blind Date with a Book

16195594_1241718475864146_2420850322450417109_nIt’s that time of year again….Blind Date with a Book! We’ve found our favourites from the last year, and packaged them up in pretty paper and stickers! If you drop by the library anytime between now and the end of February, we’d love it if you took one home.

Some of the books have a little blurb on them to give you a hint, but why not be wild and pick one up because you like the look of the decorations? Maybe you’ll fall in love with a new author. Or maybe it’ll be a bore. But either way, it’s a lot of fun and a nice way to make the month go by a little faster.

We have a nice selection of books for adults–both fiction and non-fiction, and books for kids (8 years and older), and teens. All of them are good. Keep an open mind, and you’ll have fun.

16143316_1241719109197416_2926013362927477432_n 16179843_1241718745864119_6040080664942583363_oHappy Blind Dating!


Prize for Unpublished Works

tidewater-banner-newIt’s difficult for authors to break into publishing, and while many now turn to self-publishing, the tasks involved can be daunting and without reward. But there is a new competition for unpublished manuscripts by Canadian authors that offers a prize of book cover design, editing and layout assistance, as well as a debut at the Whistler Writer’s Festival in the fall of 2017. Could there be a better prize?

The WIBA Manuscript Competition began only recently, offered originally to self-published books in Canada. But the organizers said that many of the entries, while showing great merit, needed a lot of work. They decided that an earlier approach would allow the best books to really shine, and give them a chance to grow once in bookstores.

There is just over one month left to submit an entry to the competition, and the rules and requirements can be found right here.  If you have a finished book, you can submit the first 5000 words and a full synopsis (up to 500 words), to the competition for adjudication. What a great opportunity!

Need a Laugh?

hrzuzox1e6w-brooke-cagleIt’s January. The US is having a moment. And Canada is trying hard to stay civil when talking about the pipeline issues.  We all need something to laugh about, right? CBC Books just posted their top 10 Canadian books to cheer you up. Download one right now, or head on over to the library to see what we have available. (And we can always recommend something fun to read if we don’t have one of these books for you.)

Stop by the CBC Books website to see the list!

Scotiabank Giller Prize Jury Announced

gillerThe jury for the 2017 Scotiabank Giller Prize has been announced, and it’s going to be another interesting year! The 2017 jury consists of Anita Rau Badami, Lyn Coady, Andre Alexis, Nathan Englander, and Richard Beard.

gillerjury2017The Scotiabank Giller Prize longlist will be announced in September, the short-list in October, and the winner will be announced in November. This is the largest literary prize that celebrates the best Canadian novel or short story collection of the year, and is worth $100,000.

Who do you think will be on the list?