The Winners are Announced!

Forest-of-Reading-LogoWhile we had our official Forest of Reading® Voting night back in April, the final totals were sent to Toronto to be tabulated along with results from other libraries and schools across the province. Last week, the final winners of each category were announced. And the winners are……………


kindergartenTHE DAY MY MOM CAME TO KINDERGARTEN by Maureen Fergus





gardenerTHE NIGHT GARDENER by Jonathan Auxier




threeTHE RULE OF THREE by Eric Walters

 Our library didn’t do too badly, picking a few of the overall winners. If only we didn’t have to wait until December to start reading next year’s nominees!

Green Eggs and Ham…on Netflix?


It sounds like a joke, but the people at Netflix have announced they are adapting the classic GREEN EGGS AND HAM into a 13-part animated series. Executive producer Ellen DeGeneres and the people at Netflix released this official media report:

Issued from Netflix headquarters.
Delivered straight to all reporters.

We’d love to share some happy news
based on the rhymes of Dr. Seuss.
Green Eggs and Ham will become a show
and you’re among the first to know.

In this richly animated production,
a 13-episode introduction,
standoffish inventor (Guy, by name)
and Sam-I-Am of worldwide fame,
embark on a cross-country trip
that tests the limits of their friendship.
As they learn to try new things,
they find out what adventure brings.
Of course they also get to eat
that famous green and tasty treat!

You can hear more about it from Ellen right here:

It sounds like it will be a lot of fun, and will probably be a BIG hit with the younger set.

You can stream it on a phone,

You can stream it on your own………

American Sniper, American Wife

americanSet to release this week is AMERICAN WIFE: LOVE, WAR, FAITH & RENEWAL by Taya Kyle, widow of “American Sniper “, Chris Kyle. This is sure to be a well-reserved book, following up the success of Chris Kyle’s own AMERICAN SNIPER.

sniperWhile we don’t have the DVD available yet at the library, expect to see that coming to our movie racks soon, too.

If you don’t know Chris Kyle’s story, he was the Navy Seal credited with having the most confirmed sniper kills in the history of the United States military while serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. While controversial in its idea, Kyle’s story was so riveting, it was told in an award-winning movie last year.

Now, Kyle’s widow, Taya, tells her side of the story, and what life is like after her husband’s death from a shooting at a firing range in 2013. She has been making the publicity rounds for the past few months, so this book is bound to be in demand, and full of interesting detail.

You can drop by the library and place a hold on this book, or use your library card and PIN to reserve it online. Do it now…you don’t want to wait too long!

Hot Dudes Reading

If you’re on Instagram, you might have come across the wildly popular feed dedicated to good looking men reading on the train, called Hot Dudes Reading. It seems so strange in this digital age to see people reading actual books, and the website and Instagram feed play on this idea, using the hashtag #NoKindles.

HotDudesReading_Logo_Black_smallThe fun thing about this website and Instagram feed is that anyone can participate. And the captions that accompany each photo are hilarious!  See a cute guy reading in Miami? Send them the photo. Taking the late train home in NYC and spot a good looking man flipping the pages? Send in the photo! They’re aiming to map readers in every state in the US.


To all of our male blog readers out there, maybe this post seems frivolous or even sexist, but it’s a fun project that’s meant to celebrate readers in a demographic not wildly known to have participants. So, yay to all of these guys who read real books. We’re happy to see it!

Teen Book Club Meeting

PaperTowns2009_6AToday, we’re going to be discussing John Green’s PAPER TOWNS at our Teen Book Club meeting. If you have a teen that’s read the book and would like to attend, tell them to drop by. We’re meeting from 4-5:30pm, and there will be snacks. And crafts. And books. And black Santas. Don’t worry, no shaving cream, fish, or Vaseline will be involved today.

See everyone at 4 o’clock!

Kindle Cover Disasters

Since we’re almost finished with Camp NaNoWriMo, a lot of our writers have been thinking about self-publishing. It’s a lot of work—including the creation of a book cover.

When a book is traditionally published, there is usually an art department involved in creating the cover art. They don’t just throw something together…..a lot of thought is put into designing the perfect cover, one that reflects the theme of the book and will entice people to buy it. There are colours to consider, font sizes, images and more. The perfect cover will sell a book faster than word of mouth.

But what about people who are trying to market their own books? They don’t always have the benefit of knowing how to create something online….or what will sell. Sometimes, they get it soooooooo wrong.  Here are some fabulous examples of Kindle book covers that should never have been, courtesy of the Tumblr page called “Kindle Cover Disasters”.

coversSome of the covers are a little, er, weird. This page is not for everyone, but you’ll get a laugh out of some of these.  I don’t suspect any of them will get picked up and traditionally published with these covers. Lucky for us, I don’t think we’ll need to display these at the library any time soon.

Do you have a favourite bad book cover to share? Let us know!