Anne, Our Anne

If you’re Canadian, you have seen your fair share of Heritage Minutes. Usually accompanied by a sweeping soundtrack, the short clips played on CBC would tell about an important moment in Canadian history. Today, they’re still being made, but they’re so gorgeous now!

Here is the latest installment…a Heritage Minutes spot about Lucy Maud Montgomery, and her heroine Anne. You might have heard of her? She lived in Green Gables.

The spot highlights the beauty of PEI, and tells a little about ANNE OF GREEN GABLES, as well as Lucy Maud Montgomery herself. She almost didn’t publish ANNE, but persevered, even though she was told it would be too difficult as a woman to get published.

This series is a favourite of our former librarian, Janet. Every time one of the books crosses the library desk at work, we’re reminded how much she cherishes them.

Have you read the series? Do you have a favourite?


Local Authors Exposed!

Last Friday night, we had a fun event at our library–Local Authors Exposed. We invited four local authors and a fabulous moderator to join us for an evening of questions about publishing, writing, and creativity. It was really well attended and an enjoyable evening overall.

What did the authors teach us?

  • Never give up. Rejection doesn’t mean you aren’t talented.
  • Every writer struggles. Just push through and you’ll find a way to do it.
  • Social media is important, and a great way to market books!

We could have stayed and listened for several more hours. But most of all, we learned that our community really loves authors. We’ll have to plan more events like this at the library in the future! (*We might even have something special coming up. Keep watching!)

Claudia Radmore tells us about ARCTIC TWILIGHT. It was fascinating to hear how she got this book deal. Can you believe it involved an open mic night?

Linda Seccaspina was a fantastic moderator. She had so much good information about publishing. How much did she saw the average author earned?? (Hint…it was less than $2000.)


Sandra Nikolai does social media for all her books..and must market for the US readers, so all of her books contain US spellings.


YA and Middle Grade author Tahereh Mafi knows something about break dancing. You wouldn’t think it to look at her, but Iranian-American born Mafi spent much of her youth breaking dancing with her brothers. If you follow her on social media, she regrets not getting any photos from her teen years, but she willingly posts a new shot of her break dancing just a few weeks ago. And that’s as a new mom.

Mafi writes adventure for middle grade, with bits of magic and lots of fantasy. And her YA books are often dystopian–and always full of interesting characters and situations. So it seems out of sort to write a very different type of YA novel, to be titled A VERY LARGE EXPANSE OF SEA, coming out this fall. In it, she tells the story of Shirrin, an hijab-wearing Muslim teenager living in the year after 9/11, who struggles to find her identity as a young adult, but who is also living a new life of fear in the suspicious and confusing world after that tragic day in September. To make matters even more difficult, she falls in love with a white boy–something that only makes her stand out even more, and offers her a different view of the world through his eyes.

While she won’t say how the break dancing fits into this book, it’s her most autobiographical book to date, and she hopes it will show readers that people aren’t just what they appear to be on the outside. It might hit a new audience of readers, but her loyal fans (known as the Mafi Mafia) will probably tag right along, if only to learn a little more about their favourite author.

You can read the fascinating L.A. Times interview about Mafi and her new book right here.

Freedom to Read Week

In Canada, it’s Freedom to Read Week, which is similar to Banned Books week in the US. This week, we’re all about celebrating books that might not be easy for everyone to digest, but books that we should all be free to read. It’s about intellectual freedom, something we all deserve.

And earlier this week, it was announced that author Gary Geddes has won the 2018 Freedom to Read award for his work in support of freedom of expression. Geddes is the author of such books as DRINK THE BITTER ROOT: A SEARCH FOR JUSTICE AND HEALING IN AFRICA, and MEDICINE UNBUNDLED. Geddes is a poet, writer of fiction and non-fiction, and has a huge body of work that continues to challenge readers with its varied subject matter and delivery.

You can read more about the award, and about Geddes on the CBC website right here.

Local Authors Exposed!

This week, we’re holding an exciting event at the library–Local Authors Exposed: The Truth about Publishing. Join us Friday, March 2 at 6:30pm for a mix and mingle with our authors, and stay for 7pm when the panel will get going.

If you’ve been thinking about writing a book, or are just interested in hearing more about the process, “Local Authors Exposed” is an evening you won’t want to miss. Our CP Library Writers decided they wanted to know a bit more about the next step after writing a book, and who better to ask than authors who have done it themselves! Our evening will include plenty of fun, and will talk specifically about Please bring questions and your own experiences!

Our “tell-all” panel includes: Joelle Hubner-McLean (author of the YA series CORVUS & ME), David Mulholland (author of historical fiction such as CHAUDIERE FALLS), Claudia Coutu Radmore (editor, author, and 2017 CBC Poetry Prize longlist nominee and author of ARCTIC TWILIGHT), and mystery series author Sandra Nikolai (BROKEN TRUST). And moderating our panel will be local historian and author extraordinaire Linda Seccaspina. While their experiences are unique, and might not reflect every path toward publication, we hope you’ll enjoy hearing their thoughts.

Tickets are on sale now at the library for $5 each. All proceeds will go toward our Children’s Summer Literacy Program.

Featured Forest Reader

Our first featured Forest Reader is Aurora Gibbons. She chose THE DARKEST DARK by Chris Hadfield as her favourite Blue Spruce book so far. And now she’s well on her way to reading all ten books in her category.

If you have a young reader who would like to be a Featured Forest Reader, drop into the library to fill out a questionnaire when it’s time for a new book. We want to know what everyone is enjoying so far! It’s going to be a difficult choice this year, as all of the books are so good!

Keep reading…we’re not voting until April 19th….

Could You Do It?

With the Winter Olympics almost upon us, many young athletes are going to be glued to their TVs (or computers/tablets/phones), dreaming of the day they might find themselves on a podium. But it takes many years of hard work to realize a dream of going to the Olympics, and for most, it is only a dream.

THE 4 YEAR OLYMPIAN, by Jeremiah Brown, is the story of a rower who not only found his calling after a troubled youth, but worked hard enough to get himself to the Olympics in just four years. It seems impossible, but this story is bound to inspire and encourage.

You can watch the book trailer here. See if you don’t end up cheering for Brown at the end!