Great New Books!

We are always putting out great new books, but what if you don’t read fiction? Is there anything great out there for those who might not want to get caught up in a mystery or thriller? Of course! Some of the interesting selection we have out in the new bin right now:



While Federle is making the rounds as a Middle Grade author (his NATE series about a boy who can’t get enough of musical theatre is bursting off the shelves), this book was recently voted “Cookbook of the Year” on Goodreads. Enjoy a literary classic in a new way!

For Dr. Who fans, there’s the new WHO-OLOGY : DR. WHO, THE OFFICIAL MISCELLANY by Cavan Scott.


Is there anything this author doesn’t write about? He’s done books on dinosaurs, ghosts, YA scary-as-anything fiction, crazy cartoony books and much more. His website is filled with lots of information for fans, budding authors and more.



Ms. Heaney’s memoir is the story of her search for love. She’s twenty-five, cute as a button and yet has never had a boyfriend. But don’t feel sorry for her. This is a funny book, full of personality and great anecdotes to make you realize not everyone follows the same path through life. I can think of several people who need to read this book. Several.

And finally, if you’re a closet crochet addict, you might want to pick up GEEK CHIC CROCHET, by Nicki Trench.


Although we must admit, we had a little chuckle at a few of the so-called “retro-inspired” projects (old-fashioned wouldn’t be a great subtitle, would it?), some are really cute and might make you break out those needles once again.

You can pick up these or many other great non-fiction books at the library. We’re filling up the new bin all the time!

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The Well Read Life

While many of us have taken those quizzes to find out how many of the “Best Books”, or “Top 10 Books” we’ve read through the years, Amazon has put together an interesting list that you might want to consider. They Amazon editors got together and chose their “Top 100 Books to Read in a Lifetime“, the books they feel will help to ensure a well-read life. If you regularly devour best-sellers or everything ever written about hockey, you might be missing the bigger picture, so to speak. Amazon thinks these books will round out your reading life.

Some of the titles they’ve chosen?


From Stephen Hawking to Stephen King, this list covers just about everything. There are children’s books,  YA, fiction and non-fiction. A lot of the books are classics, but you’ll be surprised at some of the newer choices, I think.  They include little headings to briefly describe the book (like VALLEY OF THE DOLLS by Jacqueline Susann, which is labelled as “addictively entertaining”). You can see the full list here.

How many of the books have you read?  And do you agree or disagree with some of their choices?

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Powdered Donuts

When I was a teenager, someone gave me V.C. Andrews’ FLOWERS IN THE ATTIC


Oh boy.

If you’ve read the book, let me just say I could never eat powdered donuts again without having a serious think about it first. And don’t get me started on those freakishly messed up gorgeous siblings who just couldn’t keep their hands off each other. The book was banned for a reason, oh yes.

But Lifetime has brought the book to a whole new generation of readers, with a movie version which aired last weekend. And now they’ve ordered the sequel, IF THERE BE THORNS, so it looks like fans of the entire terrifying series will have something else to PVR soon.

Did you watch it?

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Are you ready for OUTLANDER?

There are many fans of the Diana Gabaldon OUTLANDER series, and with the length of time between the publication of each book, it’s nice to hear there’s a television adaptation of Book #1 in the works. So far, it’s set to release sometime during the summer (2014), but only on the American cable channel known as STARZ. However, Sony Pictures Television will distribute it internationally in the near future. Or would that be the past? (A little Outlander humour there.) 

Just to whet your appetite, this is the trailer just released:

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That’s the End?

(*Note: No spoilers here)

Have you ever been dying to read a book, only to have the ending spoiled by someone who just read it? If it’s a wonderful book, you still might be tempted to read it, especially if everyone has been talking about it around the water cooler at work. I’m pretty sure I would.


The latest book to generate this kind of chatter was Gillian Flynn’s GONE GIRL. It seemed like everyone who read this loved it, and couldn’t wait to talk to someone else about it. With a much talked about surprise ending, you might wonder why anyone would want to make a movie about it, especially if the filmmakers wanted to attract fans of the book. As it turns out, director David Fincher did something readers might not be expecting:  he’s changed the ending in the movie version!

Changing a story is common when books are made into movies. Just look at J.R.R. Tolkien’s THE HOBBIT, which was one skinny book, but which Peter Jackson has spread into three enormously long movies, including adding new characters which weren’t in the original book at all. Why do directors do this? Maybe to make a story flow better, or because they have a certain vision of what the story really means. (In all honesty, sometimes I wonder if they just didn’t “get” the book.) But Fincher deciding to change the ending is about wanting to draw in fans of the book, as well as moviegoers, and bring something new to it. If you think about it, the idea is smart.

Not only will it entice more people to go out and buy the book after seeing the film, but readers who loved the book and may have been reluctant to see the movie will now be lining up to buy a ticket. I read one idea where book clubs could read the book, go see the movie and then discuss the different endings. This could open a lot of possibilities, all of which are sure to be good for the author, Gillian Flynn.

If you’ve read the book, will you go to see the movie knowing the ending is different?  Are you happy about this? Disappointed? Join the discussion!


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Witty Tweets = Book Deal?

If you use Twitter, eventually, you’ll want to follow people who write exciting/interesting/funny tweets. Otherwise, the stream of tweets becomes monotonous, or at best, forgettable. If you don’t follow someone who posts regularly and with some thought behind it, you’ll probably give up on it altogether. (I got so tired of everyone posting “Buy this book!” tweets that I left my feed alone for about a year.) Of course, this applies to all forms of social media, including Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr, to name a few.

So, then why do we hear about people who are getting book deals from their Twitter/Facebook posts? Could someone out there actually be posting useful or entertaining information? The answer is YES!  There are plenty of great people to follow, and many who have reached a book deal because of their great tweets. Like who, you might ask?  How about some of these:

Charlie McDowell is a Twitter user who started posting the overheard and slightly-insane conversations of the two young women who lived in the apartment above him. His funny look at a situation that could have become very annoying brought about the book DEAR GIRLS ABOVE ME : INSPIRED BY A TRUE STORY.


We’ve all seen the “Hey, Girl” memes splashed over the internet with Ryan Gosling as the star saying sensitive, swoon-worthy, I-wish-they-were-true things about all kinds of women. Danielle Henderson took them one step further with her book called FEMINIST RYAN GOSLING : FEMINIST THEORY AS IMAGINED FROM YOUR FAVORITE SENSITIVE MOVIE DUDE.


And Canadian Taylor Jones thought of the ingenious idea whereby people hold up an old photograph taken in a location they can visit again, and then take a photo of the photo with the present in the background. It sounds more complicated than it is. People began sending him photos right away, and it became the wonderful book called DEAR PHOTOGRAPH.


You can see an entire list of great social media sites that garnered people book deals right here. Have you read any of these books?  Do you follow any of these authors?

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