Stan Lee’s First Adult Novel!

He might be gone, but Stan Lee’s comic book legacy lives on. A TRICK OF LIGHT, written by Stan Lee and Kat Rosenfield, is set to hit shelves later this year, with an audiobook version being released early at the end of this month!

This is the first adult novel by Lee that follows two teenagers–one who is born with super powers, and another who develops them later—as they team up to save the world. Sounds about right.

The fun thing about the Audible book is that Stan Lee recorded a little opening for it, explaining his series and the ideas behind it. What a treat for listeners and fans!

A TRICK OF LIGHT will be available September 17, 2019.

Enjoy Everything In Life!

Since we’ve finished up with tax season, many of you might be wondering how to enjoy more out of life without racking up debt. Recently, I came across a great post about how to travel, get things you really want, and save money—all without having a rich uncle leave you a fortune.

The strategy is simple… within your means. Nothing fancy. Nothing requiring lots of study or investing. Just live within your means and save for the things you really want. It’s certainly doable….you just have to commit to doing it. (Of course, for some, this might be advice that comes too late. But there are still great hints here to help you find some extra places to save!)

You can read the whole article here, called “The Totally Unsexy Skill That Makes it Easier to Go After What You Want”. It has some great tips for lifestyle choices you can make, as well as solid savings advice.

If you’d like more on this topic of living debt-free, we have some great books at the library, including Christine Conway’s THE DEBT-FREE LIFESTYLE. Drop in and we can show you were to find it and more books like it on the shelf.


How to Pack a Suitcase

If you’re thinking about traveling in the near future, you might think that packing your suitcase is a simple thing. We’ve all heard the tricks—roll up your clothing so that it doesn’t wrinkle, purchase small containers to transfer your shampoo into, and make sure not to pack any scissors or knives in your carry on.

But Marie Kondo takes packing to a new level. We’ve all heard of her book THE LIFE CHANGING ART OF TIDYING UP, and many have tried her home organization tips seen in her Netflix show. Did you know she also offers packing tips for the busy traveler?

Take a few minutes to work out her suggestions, and you’ll wind up at your destination looking wrinkle-free, and with plenty of space to bring home a few trinkets.

Where are you going this spring or summer?

Canada Reads

Today is Day 4 of Canada Reads!  If you’ve been watching so far, you’ll know that three of the books have already been eliminated, and tomorrow will be the most exciting day of all! You can read a spoiler review of the books already voted out right here. And tomorrow, check in on Facebook, or the Canada Reads section of the CBC Books website to watch the debate live. It starts at 11am E.T.

Which book will win? Stay tuned to find out!

International Day of Happiness

Today is the International Day of happiness….also known as the first day of spring, and that’s got to make a lot of people happy!

Happiness is such a broad term, and sometimes elusive for people. There are plenty of different ways to bring on happiness…good music, food, friends, your family, and yes…even a clean house.  OUTER ORDER, INNER CALM by Gretchen Rubin is the latest in the long trend of decluttering your life in order to make your inner self feel less overwhelmed. You can find this book, and others like it (Marie Kondo, anyone) in our library. Place a hold or drop in to see what we have on the shelves.

Spring is a fabulous time to start fresh!