The Winners are Announced!

Forest-of-Reading-LogoWhile we had our official Forest of Reading® Voting night back in April, the final totals were sent to Toronto to be tabulated along with results from other libraries and schools across the province. Last week, the final winners of each category were announced. And the winners are……………


kindergartenTHE DAY MY MOM CAME TO KINDERGARTEN by Maureen Fergus





gardenerTHE NIGHT GARDENER by Jonathan Auxier




threeTHE RULE OF THREE by Eric Walters

 Our library didn’t do too badly, picking a few of the overall winners. If only we didn’t have to wait until December to start reading next year’s nominees!


Last summer, our adult readers had a lot of fun with our “Goodies for Grown Ups” adult summer reading tickets. After joining the program and reading books, they were given special scratch-off tickets to win prizes that were donated by several local businesses. It was a big hit!

scratchoffmap2So, when I came across this Scratch-Off World Map, it reminded me of our program. The “I Was Here” map is a unique item designed by the Art. Lebedev Studio Shop to help travelers keep track of places they’ve been. It begins as a large, grey world map, but once you visit a place, you scratch off the country and the colour is revealed underneath. How is that for incentive to get visiting the world?

This gives me ideas for our upcoming summer program…..

What Would You Do With That Object?

Artist Christophe Niemann calls himself a visual storyteller. He takes everyday objects and translates them into something fresh. Each simple piece tells a story without ever using a word. What do those scissors look like to you except a pair of scissors? To Niemann, they become a sophisticated woman with her legs crossed, reading the newspaper.

Niemann is one of many artists to use Instagram as  a medium to share his art, and I must admit, he is someone I’ve been following for quite some time. His ideas are whimsical and always interesting, and they add a touch of joy to the everyday.

bearHow about this wonderful paper cup bear? And this was just a simple photo taken mid-flight somewhere.  You can find out more about his work on his website here.

The next time you pick up a paper clip, or a hairbrush, I bet you’ll look at it in a brand new way. How can you tell a story today in a new way?



Dads and Babies

babytimefacebookHey Dad….stay home with your baby today!

Okay, this isn’t an official holiday or anything, but we do have a lot of dads that come with their little ones to babytime and storytime. And it’s refreshing to see such hands-on dads!

While some dads are really lucky, the Swedish government recognizes how hard it is for fathers to spend these precious and important early years with their children. Not only do they have a very generous maternity leave in Sweden (480 days), at least 60 of these days MUST be taken by the father, or are lost altogether. Isn’t that amazing?

Photographer Johan Bävman has begun a photo series he calls Swedish Dads, showing just what it is like for these fathers who are tasked with taking care of their little ones. So far, he’s documented thirty dads, but is aiming for sixty, to have one for each of the paternity leave days. Drop by his website here to see some fantastic funny, heartwarming, and beautiful pictures of dads and their children in this series. You can also read about each of their stories. I guarantee this will make your Monday better!

Spring Craft Night

We had a great group in for Spring Craft Night at the library this week. Our young crafters gave it their all and really got creative!  We made butterflies, and decorated bird houses. We couldn’t have had more fun if we’d tried!

springcraftThis is the last craft night until the fall, but don’t worry….we have plenty of things to offer this summer for kids of all ages. Keep watching for the summer calendar. It’s only a few weeks away…..

Kindle Cover Disasters

Since we’re almost finished with Camp NaNoWriMo, a lot of our writers have been thinking about self-publishing. It’s a lot of work—including the creation of a book cover.

When a book is traditionally published, there is usually an art department involved in creating the cover art. They don’t just throw something together…..a lot of thought is put into designing the perfect cover, one that reflects the theme of the book and will entice people to buy it. There are colours to consider, font sizes, images and more. The perfect cover will sell a book faster than word of mouth.

But what about people who are trying to market their own books? They don’t always have the benefit of knowing how to create something online….or what will sell. Sometimes, they get it soooooooo wrong.  Here are some fabulous examples of Kindle book covers that should never have been, courtesy of the Tumblr page called “Kindle Cover Disasters”.

coversSome of the covers are a little, er, weird. This page is not for everyone, but you’ll get a laugh out of some of these.  I don’t suspect any of them will get picked up and traditionally published with these covers. Lucky for us, I don’t think we’ll need to display these at the library any time soon.

Do you have a favourite bad book cover to share? Let us know!



Free Comic Book Day is Coming!

Yes, this year, the Carleton Place Public Library will be participating in the Free Comic Book Day put on by the BIA. We’re excited to announce not only will we have free comic books for all those young superheros to pick up, but we’re hosting a puppet show as well!

posterDrop by Reads Book Shop on Saturday, May 2nd at 11am to pick up your mission cards, then start collecting your free comic books around town. At the library, we’ll have not one, but TWO fantastic puppet shows by the people from Rock the Arts, one at 12:30 and another at 1:30pm. It’ll be a SUPERHERO SHOWDOWN!

Spaces are limited, so make sure to get here early!