Adult Craft Club

Our last Adult Craft Club of the spring is happening next week. Join us on Monday, June 25 at 6:30pm for another super fun crafting evening.

And remember, adults, it’s okay to colour outside the lines. Go ahead, be creative!


Art Shack & Pianos…just another creative day

(Photo courtesy of Downtown Carleton Place on Facebook)

Did you know there are plans for two very creative and innovative activities in Carleton Place this summer? The great people at Downtown Carleton Place are working hard to get things ready for an Art Shack, and two…count them…two outdoor community pianos! Isn’t that exciting?

The pianos are being prepped right now. We assume they’ll look very different than this when they’re finished. And the idea is that these pianos will be located throughout our community this summer. If you see one and have some talent, make sure to sit down and tickle the ivories for a few minutes!

And if you’re out and about during July and August, make sure to stop by the Art Shack at one of the super secret locations (don’t worry…you’ll know where it is through daily tweets), to listen to a story, take part in an activity, watch a play, and so much more. And they’re looking for interesting (and possibly expendable) local memorabilia to help decorate the shack. If you have any, you can contact Downtown Carleton Place at

Get ready for some artsy fun around town this summer!

Do You Mehndi?

Henna art has always been popular, but lately, we’re seeing it pop up in tons of creative ways not traditionally thought of before. MEHNDI FOR THE INSPIRED ARTIST by Heather Caunt-Nulton, Alex Morgan, Iqra Qureshi, and Sonia Sumaira hits on this trend by offering 50 great ideas with patterns included to help inspire those who want to try their hand at the beautiful, delicate art.

Recently, I came across a culinary genius who is also using the art of Mehndi in his kitchen. Take a look at some of his Instagram videos. They are amazing! Can you imagine spending this much time on one plate?? (Just click on the photo below and you’ll go directly to his page.)

Lots of libraries are now offering henna art programs to teens and adults alike. Maybe this is something we should look into!

Have you tried Mehndi?


Art Through the Ages

This morning is our first “Art Through the Ages” adult craft session! Every Thursday in July and August at 10am, we’re welcoming adults to the library to make things. And hey, you might even learn a little something along the way.

Our amazing Adult Services Coordinator Caroline has planned a unique roster of fun art sessions. It will be totally interactive–learning about great art through the ages, and then making something based on the techniques. Come dressed to create, and bring a friend!

No registration is required, but plan to be here a few minutes early. It’s going to be busy here!

Art at your Fingertips

It seems like everyone in my Instagram feed these days is posting photos from gorgeous places around the globe. And one of the most interesting things about traveling is being able to hit museums and art galleries to see amazing art.

But what if you can’t get there? Recently, the Guggenheim Museum decided to make available over 200 books of art online. You can flip through pages of books just like they were right there at your fingertips. The photos are brilliant and crisp, and it is a wonderful idea. I’m sure this is just the start of offering valuable resources to people online that more institutions will adopt.

Take a few minutes to browse the collection. I’ll bet you’ll get lost in the pages.

Free Comic Book Day!

This weekend is Free Comic Book Day, and Carleton Place has taken a special spin on it. Not only will you be able to pick up a mission card that will lead you to all 30 free comic books, but we’re celebrating Local Heroes, as well! Isn’t that a great idea?

The whole event begins at 10am. Pick up your Mission Card at either end of the hunt: The BIA Office, or Total Rhythm Dance Studio. The line ups will be long at the beginning, so don’t feel like you have to start at the first store or stop on the mission card. Pick a place listed, and get going. But, you NEED a card to get a comic book. Don’t be disappointed!

Bridge Street will NOT be closed that day, so parents need to be watchful of their excited children. No need to rush from place to place, you’ll have plenty of time to get all of the comics–they’ve ordered extra this year! And don’t forget to stop in at one of the booths along the way to say hello (and thank you), to a local hero like an OPP officer, a Paramedic, or a volunteer! And yes, the Carleton Place Public Library is one of your stops! Make sure to drop in, wear a costume, and get a picture!

Mark your calendars for Saturday….it’s going to be fun!

What Was That Art?

If you were a fan of 70’s sitcoms, you no doubt watched The Brady Bunch. The sprawling home featured in the show was interesting due to the number of people who lived there, and the fact that Mike Brady was an architect. But did you ever notice the decor, in particular, the wall art? Blogger Kirk Demarais sure did.

In a truly informative and detailed post, Demarais goes through the Brady household room by room, and analyzes each sculpture, painting, and work of art he can find. Not only does he try to figure out the name of the piece, but he tracks down similar art, and does a small profile on each artist he identifies.

Overall, it seems that the artwork was more about blending into the set, to allow the actors to stand out, rather than the background. But the set designers got it right–the pieces were interesting enough for a modern, fashionable family of the time, and bland enough for the rest of us not to notice.

Take your time reading through the post. You’ll probably recognize a few things you never even realized you had noticed before.