Frivolous Friday!

For our latest Frivolous Friday post, we’re sharing a little cat love. Apparently, these cats are neighbors, and once they discovered each other, it became a love affair! They even “wrote” letters back and forth!Take a few minutes to scroll through the lovely photos. It’ll do your heart some good.

Dogs Don’t Die

We don’t like to give away endings to books at the library, but sometimes, a particularly sad book is worth a warning to people–especially if we know those patrons have gone through a bad time, or if it is a child who might not react well to an animal’s death in the story.

So, when I came across this post about books re-imagined where the dog doesn’t die, I thought it was worth a quick read–and a chuckle. Keep in mind, these books haven’t been re-written, just summarized in a new way that avoids the sadness. If you’d like to see if your favourite book is here, click here.

Lassie, you don’t have to worry about Timmy falling down any wells here, either.

We’ve Flipped Out!

giraffeThis summer, if you’ve been following along, we’ve been adding donations from our generous patrons to a fun to “Adopt a Giraffe”. Early on, we named our buddy FLIP, and while the donations have been adding up, we’ve been keeping everyone updated on the progress. Donations have helped:

  • provide clean water
  • ensure lots of tall grasses for the habitat
  • given the giraffes a safe place to sleep at night
  • made our giraffe very happy

Of course, there are plenty of things the World Wildlife Fund does to help keep our world’s animals safe and thriving, and our donations will go towards all of their hard work. Stop by and adopt your own animal if you like, or just take a few minutes to see exactly what they do. We thought this was the perfect program in keeping with the “wild” TD Summer Reading Club theme, and we’ve enjoyed every minute of it. You can see Flip’s Progress below:


20160718_11104620160725_12032820160803_09312420160808_09473220160815_130647Thanks for dropping by to see Flip grow from your donations, and thank you for helping us to conserve the habitat of these lovely creatures! With your generous donations, we’re able to submit over $250 to the WWF program! That’s amazing!

Meet Thidwick!

Once again, we’re giving our young friends who are doing the TD Summer Reading Club with us this summer, a chance to take home a friend for a week and have some WILD adventures. They enjoyed traveling with Miss Squeaky one year, and last summer, kids made friends with Yalp, our wacky bird friend.  This summer, we’re glad to introduce Thidwick!

20160602_100344Thidwick is a wacky little moose who loves long walks in the woods, raspberry jam on toast, and crossword puzzles!  He’ll be visiting schools to be introduced before the official summer kick off on Thursday, June 30th from 1-3pm at our Library Lemonade Stand.

If you have a young reader, I’m sure they’ll have a chance to take Thidwick home for a week. Take him to the beach, on a long distance trip, or just to the grocery store….he’ll be happy hanging out with new friends no matter where he is.  But you’ll have to wait until July 4th….that’s when he’ll be dropping by the library for his summer adventures.

Stuffed Animal Sleepover

Yes…we’re doing it again….a Stuffed Animal Sleepover at the library!

Stuffed Animal Sleepover posterAs part of our Ontario Public Library Week celebrations, we’re looking forward to our Stuffed Animal Sleepover on Friday, Oct. 23rd! Drop a stuffie off anytime that day, and we’ll get them ready for an overnight bit of fun at the library. (No, your child doesn’t stay…just the stuffed animal!)

We have lots of things planned for that evening, and when your child picks up their friend the next day, we’ll have lots to show them. We’ll be posting the photos on Facebook on Saturday, Oct., 24th, so keep watch. It’s going to be crazy fun!

Sock Monkeys at the Library

You can never go wrong with monkeys.  Or puppets. Combine the two and you have magic! This week, we made sock monkey puppets and had crazy hair day for storytime.


After being inside for days because of the cold, many of the kids were happy to get out and do something fun. Needless to say, it was a wee bit loud at the library!

monkey2But we all enjoyed ourselves and hopefully, everyone had fun with their new little friends at home.


Just a sample of all the fun things we do each week with our young friends.