Digital Devices Workshop

Don’t forget, tomorrow is our Digital Device workshop, and Caroline has lots of interesting and informative things planned. Bring your device…and lots of questions! This is a great way to learn more about your new device and share any tips or tricks you’ve learned with others. It’s free…just call us to register!


Digital Device Workshops

This year, we’re going to offer Digital Device Workshops at the library. These group sessions are great for beginners, or those more experienced. Bring your device along (phone, tablet, computer…whatever), and share your knowledge with the group. There will be plenty of time to learn new skills, ask questions, and meet new people. You’re not in this alone.

If you can’t make it to one of our Tech Tutoring sessions, this is the perfect opportunity to figure out how to use your new device, or just upgrade those skills.

Sessions will take place January 16, February 20, and March 20 from 2-4pm. Please call us to register, or for more information at 257-2702.

Retire Your Way

Coming up this weekend, we have a financial seminar taking place on Saturday, November 18th at 10:30am. Find out how to “Retire Your Way”! We’ll have Nataliya Tyagley of Edward Jones Canada with us to tell us how to do it right, and answer all your questions.

This is a free seminar, but call ahead to sign up so that we know how many people will be attending! 613-257-2702.

Senior Social Circle

Today is our second Social Conversation Circle, and we’re excited to invite seniors to the library. It’s a great way to take advantage of the cool library, meet some new people, and enjoy a refreshment…and all you have to do is talk!

Our conversation circle is something we’re excited about offering. We heard from many seniors in our survey that they’re looking for something to come to in the afternoon, and interested in joining groups that aren’t focused around anything in particular (like cards, or knitting, etc.). And what better way than to do it than at the library?

No need to register. Just drop by for 1pm, and join Caroline in the back room for some interesting conversation! You won’t regret it!