Adopt a Book!

There is still plenty of time to join in our fun “Adopt a Book” program before the holidays. And we’ve made it super simple this year—all you have to do is drop in, fill out a quick questionnaire, give us your $20…and the elves will do the rest!

adoptThe money will go toward purchasing a new book for the library, with your loved one’s tastes in mind. They’ll receive a fun little gift to open, telling them you adopted a book in their name, and once the book becomes available, we’ll pop in a bookplate with their name on it, and let them know the book is here for them to take out. The book will remain in the library, but they’ll have the special knowledge that you adopted it for them, and everyone who takes the book out will see that the book was adopted for them.  It’s a win-win situation—you help us to expand our purchasing power, our library gets a great new book, and your special person will know you adopted a book just for them.

For more information, give us a call at 257-2702, or drop by the library today to adopt a book!