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This blog is for everyone who regularly visits the Carleton Place Public Library, and for those who don’t, but would like to know more!  We are a small library with great big ambitions and we strive to provide our patrons with the best possible service and attention. We offer the latest books, magazines and resources , as well as all the classics you could desire. We have a great interlibrary loan system to offer books that we might not have right in our own building, as well as a fully equipped microfilm room to start your genealogy research. Come in for storytime with your little ones on Wednesday, Babytime or Toddler time on Thursday mornings and watch for our special craft nights throughout the year for the older kids. Or just stop in for a little chat with all of our great library staff.

Kids, feel free to email us at cplibrarykids@yahoo.ca with any questions or suggestions you might have. We’d love to hear from you!

To the rest of our patrons, please drop us a line at mcaswell@carletonplace.ca .We’re always interested in what you have to say! If you’d like to visit our website, we have a great selection of books, magazines, dvds, and online resources for you to access.


12 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Great initiative! I love the ‘feel’ of a small-town library, after using the Ottawa system every week for more than thirty years, and never getting to know any of the librarians. (Perhaps my fault, though…)

    The inter-library loan system works really well, and the fines are much more affordable:-)

    Hope you get lots of useful comments.

  2. Imagine! Yet ANOTHER great initiative by “The Best Little Library In Ontario”.

    All you really have to do is just be there, but I (and I’m sure all of your members) am/are very pleased that you just keep getting better and better (and you do that SO reasonably).

  3. Love the look of your website. Couldn’t find a location link to a map of where you’re located. It’s been a while since I’ve lived in that area, Orleans, so had to check on Mapquest to find out. Now I remember. Checked the site and saw a picture of the library—sweet! I miss Canada. Been living and working in a small Midwest American town, Fairfield, Iowa, not that far from the Mississippi River.

    • Hi Ken….thanks for checking us out. Orleans isn’t too far from Carleton Place, that’s for sure. Glad you stopped by. A big Canadian wave to you out in Fairfield!

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