Tax Protest Sells Books

Germany recently imposed a steep 19% “luxury” tax on tampons, and people were outraged. But in protest, founders of the Female Company (an organic sanitary hygiene supplier), decided they could help. They created “The Tampon Book”, a book that opens up to a hollow center and is filled with 15 tampons. The deal? Books are only taxed at 7% in Germany–a significant savings–so the book flew off the shelves.

The first-print run of this book sold out in a day, and the second print-run went in a week. Publishers are currently working on producing the book in other languages, which currently is only available in English.

Not only does the book contain the sanitary products, it also includes stories on the history of menstruation, and vivid illustrations by prominent female artists.  You can read more about this book, and the reasons behind its production here.

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