Literacy Info and Appreciation Night

Tonight’s the night!  It’s our Literacy Info and Appreciation Night!

Join us at 6pm for a short info session with our Summer Literacy Tutors Gracey and Molly. They’ll give a brief rundown of their plans for the tutoring sessions, answer questions, and allow parents to try out some of the literacy manipulatives.

We’ll also be welcoming patrons who donated this spring toward our Literacy program. We have so many generous people in our community who love the library, and chose to give charitably to this wonderful program. Because of them, we’re able to have two tutors, provide tutoring sessions to 24 children from our area, and this year, we’ll also be able to offer Flex Fridays!

What are Flex Fridays? Parents have been asking for more sessions, longer sessions, and more flexibility in session times. We responded by opening up Fridays to everyone with a reading-buddy style program. Each session will run for 30 minutes, with participants reading from a book they are already working on. Our tutors will offer support, and give some fluency tips, but basically, they’ll make sure your young reader isn’t losing their reading skills over the summer. Sign up for one session, or sign up each week–it’s going to be a beneficial program!

If you have a child already registered for the Literacy Tutoring program, please join us tonight for refreshments, and bring your questions. And if you made a donation to the program this spring, we’d love to have you attend as well!

See you tonight at the library!


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