Friday Favourites Post

What are some of the blogs/websites we use on a regular basis at the library? Here are just a few #fridayfaves:


Goodreads is a great site for a lot of different reasons. You can start an account, set up a reading list of the things you’re already reading, make a TBR list, and then rate and review each of the books once you’re done. It’s a fun way of keeping track of all of the books you read in a year, but it’s also a great place to find new books. Pick a genre, pick an author, and you’ll be off on a rabbit hole of book selections. Once a year, readers get to vote on their favourite books. It’s a big deal!

Fantastic Fiction

This site doesn’t have the best look to it (it’s got a real 90’s feel), but if you can see past the navy blue against black, it’s got amazing content for readers. If you need to know every book in a series, including some written as novellas or eBooks, this is the place to look. The search area is simple, and you can print out a list of books and take it with you to the library the next time you’re looking for a book in your favourite series.


We use Canva for everything! This is a great design tool for anyone, even if you only need to make a poster for a bake sale or an invitation for a birthday party. It has free, beautiful templates, or you can start from scratch and make your own. If you do any kind of social media, this is also a wonderful site to make special content for it. You can pay for more specialized items on the site, but we use it for free to do all sorts of things at the library, and rarely run into the problem of needing a paid item.

Better World Books

We use Better World Books for a very important service. When we weed our collection, instead of throwing all of those books out, we send (most of) them to Better World Books!  They arrange for shipping, having someone pick up the boxes of books, and then process them to sell from their end, or send to libraries in needy countries. It’s a win-win situation. Plus…we get a little bit of money for each book they sell! But you don’t have to be a library to use the site. You can browse their selections and purchase your own books, often at a greatly reduced price. It’s worth taking a look.


Do you have any sites that you love to use?


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