Get Ready for 2019!

The new year should be about doing a little bit of work up front to make your life easier and more enjoyable. Forget resolutions…start planning!

Aim to close out the year and get ready for the new one, both at work and in your personal life. Focus on what you really need in your life, and get rid of the rest.

Figure out the numbers

Do you care about statistics? You might, it if means something to your productivity or directly for your business. But what about all of those stats you haven’t even thought about? Take a few minutes and go through your records for things like the number of lunches you have to make in a year, or how many times you shopped at the grocery store outside of your regular weekly visit (you can check your online banking records for this). Knowing the numbers can make you more aware of the time you’re spending doing tasks, and might help you plan better (and even save some money) in the year to come.

If you’re looking at work stats, make sure you collect everything you need before you start back in January. Know your numbers—including costs for items, number of visits to your store or website, and how many people followed up after a conference visit or show.  If you do the work now, you can think of better ways to do things the next time. It’s worth all of the work.

Revisit the trends on social media

We’re not talking about unfriending people on Facebook, but rather, taking a close look at your personal and professional social media accounts. Are there people you never see posts from? (Yes, we know the algorithms can be frustrating.) Take a few minutes to look through their accounts to see if they are interesting enough to keep following. Then, like a post, or comment on something. Your social media accounts will start looking better really soon.

Unfollow or hide any accounts that aren’t in line with your business anymore, or those who don’t fill your feed with a positive vibe. It’ll also give you room to follow others. Don’t be afraid to try some new social media as well. Not on Twitter? Join, and find conversations and people who are aligned with how you think! Not sure how to take great photos on your phone? Join Instagram and start looking at accounts you do like, and figure out what they’re doing that you enjoy. It’ll make you a happier person to learn something new.

Review your accomplishments

This is a great idea. Look back over the year and think about all of the great things you’ve done, even if it doesn’t feel like a huge noteworthy accomplishment. Had dinner with old friends? Paid off your car? These things make us feel good, so go ahead, get those endorphins flowing!  And plan a few new things you’d like to accomplish for the upcoming year. Goals are great to have, even if you don’t meet all of them.

Start listing the books you’ve read

This might feel like a library thing, but it’s fun to be able to look back on a year and think about the great books that kept you entertained, educated, and moving forward. It’s also a great way to remember authors that might have upcoming books, and recommend books to your friends when they ask what you’re reading.

Making a list of books you’ve read is also a great way of visualizing an accomplishment. Did you read one book a month? Five? Set a new goal for the new year and try to beat your previous year. Reading is escapism, and it’s also a stress reliever. Incorporate more of it into your daily routine and you’ll start to see a difference in your life.

Once you’ve organized your social media, set reading goals, drawn up a plan for chores, and started an accomplishments list, you’ll be all set to ring in the new year with excitement and purpose.  Happy New Year!


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