Okay, we don’t actually have a morning cheer like some places, but this is a lot like the staff at our library. We rely on each other, we work together as a team, and we support each other.

While it might seem as though this is a quiet time at the library—we’re short on programs, quieter in the stacks, more likely to be seen with a cookie and a cup of tea at our desks, it’s certainly not winding down behind this scenes. In fact, December is typically really busy for us. We’re planning all of the winter programs and getting things ready for those, making calls to community partners to make sure co-ordinated events are in place, finishing up budget regards for the year, and prepping hoards of new books for reading programs.

December is also the time we start thinking about March Break events, we start looking at summer program obligations, we are getting ready to apply for student grants for summer, and we’re deciding on all of the sessions we’re going to attend at the annual library conference in January. Some of us are choosing National Film Board movies for the upcoming viewing year, we’re filling our staff calendar with programs, and we’re boxing up books to send to Better World Books for places that really need them. Staff are also busy ordering books for four very large books clubs, we’re preparing presentations for Town Council, we’re doing online webinars to keep current on new library services, and we’re constantly….constantly….running reports to help us take stock of our collection, clear out  stagnant works, and make it even better.

And don’t forget, this year, we’ll be doing some renovations (new carpets being of utmost importance), we’ll be thinking of great ways to celebrate Carleton Place’s 200th Anniversary, and most of all, we’ll be listening to YOU. This is your library. We are working hard to make it an important community space, a place where people feel involved, and an environment that includes everyone.

So, maybe we should have a morning cheer!



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