What Does 18 Look Like?

Last Friday, we held our first ever Teen Art Show. While we LOVE to do things that involve teens at the library, sometimes it’s tough to get them involved. They’re busy. They have actual lives. They work. They don’t want to admit the library is cool. (Or sick…or whatever it is they say these days.)

Those are the teens we know, from our community, our culture, our society. And we think they’re great.

But are teens the same everywhere around the world? The New York Times recently did a great piece showcasing what it looks like to be 18 all around the world. You might be surprised what some of these 18-year-olds are doing, and how they’re living at eighteen years of age. It’s a fascinating look at people, so take a few minutes to scroll through and really study the amazing photos. You’ll think differently about the 18-year-olds you know now. We promise.


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