Teen Advisory Group

We just wrapped up our first ever Teen Advisory Group at the beginning of June, and it was a major success! We had 8 members who worked with us from September through to June to develop ideas for our library, work on the Teen Zone area, and design and execute programs for children during special events. We loved hearing their ideas, getting to know their strengths, and enjoyed having them around.

So, just what IS the Teen Advisory Group?

The teens we select will attend meetings once a month for 1.5 hours. At those meetings, we discuss projects they’d like to work on, ideas they have for our space, or our collection, and they’ll learn something about library processes while they’re here. And not to worry, we know these teens are coming directly from school, so there are snacks, too!

Why would my teen want to participate?

Not only do they become an important part of our library, they get to do creative things, meet new people, represent the library during events, and….collect volunteer hours for school! That’s right, during the course of the year, they’ll collect a minimum of 20 volunteer hours that they can use toward the 40 hour requirement for graduation. Most of our first TAG group actually earned much more than 20 hours, so it’s possible to get a good chunk done this year alone.

Who is eligible?

We can only take teens who are aged 14 or older, which means grade 9 – 12. Once they fill out the application, they’ll be called for an interview, and possibly selected for the group that starts in September. It doesn’t matter what school they attend, or how many hours they already have, if they are interested in making a positive impact on the Carleton Place Public Library, then apply today!

Applications are available at the front desk of the library. Sorry, we will not email an application–we want to meet the teens and say hello when they apply. (It’s also a great way for them to reach out and try for something a little out of their comfort zone. Don’t worry…we don’t bite!)

We’ll take applications until August 10th, so don’t delay. Once all of the spots are filled, we won’t be taking any more students on until the fall of 2019. Good luck!


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