Presidents and Books?

If you saw our unboxing video recently (I’ll link it below), you’ll know that THE PRESIDENT IS MISSING by Bill Clinton and James Patterson is a much-anticipated book by many of our readers. (And yes…Dennis Quaid reads the audiobook version!)

But there is another “presidential” book getting a bit of buzz, and it has nothing to do with Trump.

HOPE NEVER DIES by Andrew Schaffer is a thriller that puts Joe Biden and Barack Obama in the middle of a strange railroad death and the mystery that follows. Honestly, the Goodreads summary says it all:

Vice President Joe Biden is fresh out of the Obama White House and feeling adrift when his favorite railroad conductor dies in a suspicious accident, leaving behind an ailing wife and a trail of clues. To unravel the mystery, “Amtrak Joe” re-teams with the only man he’s ever fully trusted—the 44th president of the United States. Together they’ll plumb the darkest corners of Delaware, traveling from cheap motels to biker bars and beyond, as they uncover the sinister forces advancing America’s opioid epidemic.

Part noir thriller and part bromance novel, Hope Never Dies is essentially the first published work of Obama/Biden fiction—and a cathartic read for anyone distressed by the current state of affairs.

It’s going to be a series! The cover alone is worthy of picking the book up. Whether or not it will reach the heights of the Clinton/Patterson novel, we’ll have to see. But it looks like a lot of fun, either way.

Are you planning on reading either book? Let us know in the comments.

You can watch our unboxing video here.


6 thoughts on “Presidents and Books?

  1. So excited to read The President Is Missing! James Patterson is brilliant and President Clinton’s first had knowledge of the White House will add some wonderful detail to it.
    Haven’t heard of that second one though, that cover makes me want to buy it!

    • Exactly! And so far, reviews are good for THE PRESIDENT IS MISSING. Only time will tell for the Obama/Biden mystery! 😉

      • I’m glad the reviews are good!!! I remember a few months ago when I added it to my goodreads shelf it had so many 1 star reviews by people saying “I don’t like Hilary” as if she had anything to do with it 🙄 hopefully the good reviews will even it out!!

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