What’s Popular?

It’s always interesting to see what books are popular in the library during a given time. While all the new books have holds on them long before they arrive in the library, sometimes another book can surpass the requests, just because it is so good. But for the months of December and January, our popular books weren’t really any surprise.

John Grisham’s THE ROOSTER BAR took the lead with checkouts. Not far behind were James Patterson, Danielle Steel, and David Baldacci. Thrillers and the odd romance are what our readers want!

In the non-fiction realm, cookbooks took the lead. That’s no surprise, considering many people were baking up a storm for the holidays, and now our super popular Cookbook Book Club has started.

ISTANBUL & BEYOND: EXPLORING THE DIVERSE CUISINES OF TURKEY by Robyn Eckhardt was the most popular non-fiction checkout by far, followed by DUTCH FEAST by Emily Wight. How great is it that people are exploring exotic cuisine!

The third book in the running (all three non-fiction books had the same number of checkouts), was WOMEN & POWER : A MANIFESTO by Mary Beard. A sign of the times, I think.

And in our ever popular DVD department, new releases were the most borrowed, which is really no surprise. Have you seen these movies?

Only time will tell what will be the most popular fiction, non-fiction and movies of the next few months. Stay tuned! (And don’t be afraid to place a hold on anything you see here that might interest you. All you need is your library card and your PIN.)


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