Be Fearless

It’s almost time for librarians all over Ontario to descend upon Toronto for the Ontario Library Association Super Conference. This year’s theme is “Fearless by Design”, and it promises to be another very creative, inspiring, and educational workshop. (And no, it won’t be stuffy at all!)

There are featured speakers, like Naomi Klein, Jael Richardson, and Desmond Cole. For those of us who might not be able to hit the Toronto International Film Festival, they’ll be screening a film called “Call Me By My Name” at a greatly reduced price for attendees. There are the ever popular yours to various Toronto libraries, awards galas, meet and greets, and other social events outside of the daily workshops.

During the conference, librarians register for sessions taught by other librarians and experts in their fields, so that we can learn about new library technology, brush up on skills that might be fading, hear about great new concepts happening in libraries, and discover exciting new ways to keep our libraries relevant. These sessions are always interesting, always enlightening, and many of us come away from conferences not only feeling refreshed, but energized, and excited about implementing some of the things we’ve learned along the way.

One of the other exciting things about the conference in the Super Expo. Vendors from all over Canada bring displays, books, new technology, and library systems for all librarians to see and interact with. It’s an enormous Expo, and one could wander through several times and not see everything. Included in the Expo is possibly one of the best things ever–book signings! For many, this is the only opportunity to get up close and personal with Canadian and international authors. Often, the longest lines at the conference are for people waiting to have a book signed. The rule is, if you see a line, get in! This year, the registered authors include Barbara Fradkin, Phillipa Dowding, Terry Fan, and many more.

What new things will we bring back to our library? Only time will tell…


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