Looking for something to do during PA Days this year? We’ve got a plan–and we’re calling them “Funtivity Days”!
Drop in during a Funtivity Day for Lego in the afternoon between 1:30 – 3:30pm. If it also happens to be a snow day, we’ll have a special I Spy, as well.
Funtivity Days are drop in only–no registration required. But keep in mind, these Lego afternoons have minimal supervision. If you have young children, please plan on staying in the room.
Funtivity days fall on Oct. 6 & 27, Nov. 24, Jan 26 & 31, Feb. 16, Apr. 27, May 18 & June 8. (We celebrate all PA Days for children in our communities, including the Upper Canada School Board, the Catholic School Board of Eastern Ontario, Ottawa Public School Board, and the Ottawa Catholic School Board. We understand that not every school has the same PA Days, so please consult your OWN school schedule.)

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