Money Money

Forbes has released its 2017 list of the top earning authors, according to its estimates. The list covers the 12 month period from May 2016 – May 2017, and falls in this order:

1. JK Rowling $95 million
2. James Patterson $87 million
3. Jeff Kinney $21 million
4. Dan Brown $20 million
5. Stephen King $15 million
6. John Grisham $14 million
6. Nora Roberts $14 million
8. Paula Hawkins $13 million
9. EL James $11.5 million
10. Danielle Steel $11 million
10. Rick Riordan .$11million

No real surprises here…except for maybe the fact that EL James is still on the list. If there hadn’t been a movie based on her FIFTY SHADES OF GREY series, would we still be talking about her? I’m pretty sure a lot of second hand booksellers have been overwhelmed with the number of copies of FIFTY SHADES that they have on hand–enough to make art out of them, and more. And here at the library, while it still circulates, it hasn’t been on demand since the series first came out, even with a movie in theatres.

Don’t you find it an interesting difference between the number one and number ten slots?



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