Courageous, Beautiful Books from Keanu Reeves?

X Artists’ Books is a new independent press, co-founded by Keanu Reeves, which aims to publish “courageous, beautiful, artist-centered books which fit between genres”. Their ideals encompass all things “x”:

X is a connection, a multiplier, a kiss, a proxy. X is a signature, a mark; it stands for treasure, uncharted territory, the core of infinity. X is mysterious and surprising. X attracts and repels; X learns from correction. X marks the spot.

No word yet on how they will find these books, or if Reeves will be hands-on in helping to select books and authors, this sounds like an interesting group. While the bigger publishers are becoming inundated with possibilities, it’s up to the smaller, independent groups to really weed out some of the mix and continue to publish books that might not make the cut now in other places.


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