Grisham is Launching!

John Grisham is going on his first book tour in over 25 years this summer, and along with the tour, he’ll be launching a podcast! Is he reinventing himself?

While book tours are not the norm anymore (publishers just don’t have the money for book tours like they used to), many of the big authors still get to do them. It’s almost ironic to note that many of the bigger authors don’t need to tour in hopes of getting sales, nor do they like to tour. But John Grisham is breaking all the rules this year.

He’s setting out on a US tour to promote his latest novel, CAMINO ISLAND, but maybe he had the podcast in mind all along. In fact, the podcast is called “Book Tour with John Grisham”, and he’ll record a new episode at each stop on the tour with some of the other authors that will be touring with him. Won’t it be interesting to hear about his writing, and about touring as an author? A new episode will be released each week.

It sounds like it’s going to be an interesting summer! If you want to read an excerpt from CAMINO ISLAND, you can check out this link.

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