Mr. Mercedes

It looks like Stephen King fans are going to be in for a treat this summer when the TV version of King’s MR. MERCEDES airs on AT&T’s Audience network. (One assumes it’ll be released somewhere more common to all TV viewers soon after.)

August 9th is the set date for the show, telling the story of Detective Bill Hodges who is working on the case of a mysterious man who ran his car into a crowd of job seekers, killing eight people. This is a departure from King’s “normal” horror fare, and was lauded as hist first foray into the detective novel. It even won the Edgar Award for Best Novel in 2015, and was followed up by two books to round out the story.

The TV version was created by mogul David E. Kelley, and is bound to stick pretty close to the story. So, set your PVRs for August, and be ready for some blood…there’s always blood.

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