It’s a Mystery!

It was supposed to be a typical awards ceremony for the Mystery Writers of America. Incoming president and author Jeffery Deaver gave an entertaining speech, and began the presentation of Edgar awards for this years best mysteries, when he suddenly passed out in the middle of an announcement. EMS arrived, and Deaver was able to walk out of the ceremony on his own (he was later cleared of all health issues), it certainly made for a dramatic pause.

But the show must go on, and several books were awarded the prestigious Edgar, including BEFORE THE FALL by Noah Hawley, for best novel overall.

For best first novel, Flynn Berry won for UNDER THE HARROW.

And the winner in the Best Fact Crime this year was THE WICKED BOY by Kate Summerscale.

If you’re a mystery fan, did you read any of these great titles? If you did, would you have picked them as winners?

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