Apollo 8

A book making some buzz for May is APOLLO 8 : THE THRILLING STORY OF THE FIRST MISSION TO THE MOON by Jeffrey Kluger. While we are probably all familiar with the terrifying story of Apollo 13, the very first mission to the moon has not been well documented. In fact, Kluger claims this is the first telling of the mission in its entirety. No wonder so many people are talking about it!

The space race was something that heated up toward the end of the 1960’s, with both the United States, and Russia trying to be the first to get a manned mission to the moon. While many thought President Kennedy’s promise to have a US mission to the moon by the end of the decade was too lofty, NASA was pushing ahead, despite enormous technical and logistical issues (only one year before the Apollo 8 mission, three astronauts died in a tragic fire on the launch pad). But they managed to beat all the odds, and the first mission went off with minimal problems, although they did not land directly on the moon.

Author Jeffrey Kluger was Jim Lovell’s co-author on the Apollo 13 book that told the story of their harrowing mission, and this book promises to be just as riveting. It will take readers from Mission Control, into the homes of the astronauts,  from the test labs, and to the launch pad. While you might know some of the details of this exciting mission, Kluger promises to keep you on the edge of your seat.

APOLLO 8 releases on May 16, 2017.


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