What Color is your Parachute?

Richard Bolles, the author of the long running job search manual series, WHAT COLOR IS YOUR PARACHUTE?, died last week at the age of 90. This long-running series has been updated almost yearly, to include changes in the workforce, and to accommodate those who now switch careers.

Bolles originally self-published the first PARACHUTE book as a photocopied pamphlet in 1970 to unemployed Protestant ministers. But it had so much interest, Bolles sold an update in 1972 to an independent publisher who was willing to publish the more wide-ranging version in small batches. Bolles was able to update the series frequently, then, and since that date, it has sold more than 10 million copies and has never gone out of print. Isn’t that amazing?

The witty style, and hard advice has won out readers over the years, and is the go-to Bible of job seekers everywhere. While the advice might not be easy to take (Bolles claims you need to be searching for a job at least 40 hours a week in order to get the best one for you), his fans have sworn by the well-researched books for decades. You can read more about his FASCINATING life in this New York Times article.

Have you used one of the PARACHUTE books to boost your job search? Did it help? Have you recommended it to others? Let us know! While there is no indication that someone else will take over the issues, I’m sure the advice will ring true for years to come. The job search market won’t be the same without this champion of employment, however.

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