Airbnb Story

If you’re looking to do some traveling this spring and summer, your options might include an Airbnb. Often, these local properties are hosted, or rented out by people who furnish and maintain their residences with their communities in mind. They stock their bathrooms with fun, trendy, local products, leave maps and brochures for things to do in and around their location, and aim to make your stay as memorable as possible. After all, their hope is that you’ll leave a great review, and other people will want to stay!

Did you know there are 30 rental Airbnb properties in and around Carleton Place right now? You can find these and other property rentals right here at the Airbnb website.

Not sure what Airbnb’s are all about? There is a fascinating new book out called THE AIRBNB STORY: HOW THREE ORDINARY GUYS DISRUPTED AN INDUSTRY, MADE BILLIONS…AND CREATED PLENTY OF CONTROVERSY, by Leigh Gallagher. Find out how they developed this creative sharing idea, and how the travel industry has responded. (Hint…it hasn’t been easy for them.)

Would you consider renting out your home to strangers? There are lots of great websites, twitter posts, and Facebook pages devoted to starting up your own rental, with tips on how to furnish, what not to leave out when renting, and how to solve issues with renters. Drop in to pick up this book to find out more about the whole industry before you decide if it’s right for you. Maybe you’ll embark on a new adventure…and earn some extra cash while you’re at it!


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