With the invention of self-driving trucks that deliver goods and computers to do many jobs that people once did on a daily basis, are we going to lose jobs that were once so important to the human race? Or are the jobs we’re doing simply changing?

More than a decade ago, people dove into the book GIG: AMERICANS TALK ABOUT THEIR JOBS. It was one of the first books that gave insight into the American working life, the average jobs that people did, and also, the exceptional jobs. We often think we know what someone does in their job on a day to day basis, but this book was a gold mine of information, getting right down to the truest nature of the work people were doing back then. Why don’t they have books like this available for teens who are trying to decide what to study in University? Would they really spend the next four years or more studying design, math, and history if they knew that as a professional architect, they might spend the rest of their lives designing school gymnasiums? Maybe a frank, open, joyous book about what jobs really entail, would focus young people and push them into the right careers in the first place.

The New York Times just ran a story about the jobs Americans are doing right now--middle class workers, and not high-profile positions. Are jobs changing? Are we as people changing? I know that if I had had a better idea of what librarians did before deciding on a career path, I would have gone in this direction immediately, instead of taking the long way round.

Do you have a similar story about finding a career that suits you? Would you have preferred to know what a job was really like before starting a study path? Tell us!

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