Friday at the Library

jessica-ruscello-196422What do we do in a day? A typical day for us is never very typical. But we’re always busy, and always planning, prepping, and serving. What did we do on Friday? We…

  • prepared for a French Storytime
  • gathered books that patrons placed on hold the night before
  • checked in books from the overnight bin
  • found books a patron needed help with
  • ran a program
  • gathered markers for the Winter Carnival committee
  • photocopied and folded brochures for a weekend promotion
  • called patrons about available holds
  • processed interlibrary loans
  • worked on programs for March Break
  • filed new memberships
  • answered emails
  • gave tech support to patrons for eBooks, and our WiFi
  • answered phone calls
  • booked internet for patrons
  • printed forms and brochures for the front desk
  • prepped items for weekend student work
  • talked to teenagers about volunteering
  • helped a volunteer sort out some work
  • cleaned up an area after a busy period
  • filed books
  • sent back returned interlibrary loans
  • discussed a room rental
  • checked out items to many patrons
  • unlocked the Genealogy room for a patron
  • discussed museum passes
  • demonstrated Hoopla and eBooks
  • registered patrons for programs
  • talked with community partners about Facebook posts
  • prepped blog, Instagram, and Facebook posts
  • catalogued books
  • prepared new books to go out
  • cleaned DVDs
  • restocked public washroom
  • and much, much more…………

Can you believe Fridays are somewhat quiet compared to other days of the week?


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