We’re Off to a Conference!

It’s that time of year…the Ontario Library Super Conference held in Toronto. (For any librarian who has attended in past years, this is also known as “Blizzard Week”.) Two of our library staff will be attending this year, and we’re looking forward to all the workshops, presentations, and networking!

jumbotron-foregroundThis year’s theme is “All In”, and it’s about doing everything we can to make libraries the spaces that patrons want, need, and don’t expect. We attend these conferences to get excited about programming, to learn from other libraries, and to just generally get inspired! Through daily workshops, visits with authors, a huge expo for all things library-related, and exciting speakers, we’ll bring back lots of new ideas to share with our library and our patrons.

Each year is a little different, and they’re always expanding the ways to keep us interested and enjoying the conference, and this year looks to be pretty special. Morning yoga classes, runs along the Harborfront, a special Storytelling event, a library “store”, ideahubs, speed networking, and a host of other fun daily events should get us up early and keep us going until we hit our pillows, exhausted.

Our attendance this year is extra special–we’re up for a special library award called the Angus Mowat Award for Excellence for library programming. It was super exciting just to make the short list, so while we’ll enjoy the whole dinner/presentation event, it was enough just to be asked.

If you’d like to know more about what’s going on this year, what authors will be attending, or what special speaking events we might be attending, drop by the website and browse. Next week, we’ll have a rundown of the best, and hopefully even a few photos to share.

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