Holiday Hours

holidayhoursThe Carleton Place Public Library will be closed periodically over the holidays. Make sure to get in for new materials on the days we’re open, and ask for your PIN so that you can renew items from the comfort of home anytime.

You can drop off returns to our blue return box at any point, and you won’t be charged any fines for days we’re not open. Make sure to post this list on your fridge so you can see when we’re open at a glance.

Holiday Hours at the Carleton Place Public Library

Friday, December 23—-9:30am – 5:30pm (LAST DAY TO CHECK OUT ITEMS)

Saturday, December 24 — CLOSED

Sunday, December 25 —– CLOSED

Monday, December 26 —- CLOSED

Tuesday, December 27 —– CLOSED

Wednesday, December 28 — 1:30-8pm

Thursday, December 29 —- 1:30-8pm

Friday, December 30 — 9:30am – 5:30pm

Saturday, December 31 — CLOSED

Sunday, January 1 —- CLOSED

Monday, January 2 — CLOSED

Call us at 257-2702 for more information, or visit our website for current hours and programs.


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