Vlogging. Do You Watch?

61hyjgbjl7l-_sx395_bo1204203200_All of our teens at our Nerd Herd meetings talk about their favourite YouTubers. These vloggers have captured the imaginations–and interests–of young people, simply by posting videos about their lives, or things they find interesting. There are video game vloggers who play the latest games and talk about them as they play, make up and hair vloggers who give step-by-step instructions, and even vloggers who talk about books. Yes, books.

One of our summer staff, Gracey, is a YouTuber who is actively starting to vlog about the books she loves, and also about her participation in National Novel Writing Month. It’s great to see young people putting their opinions out there for the world to see!

If you’re interested in finding out more about vlogging (or blogging), we’ve got a great new book coming to the library for young people to help them get started called HOW TO BE A BLOGGER AND VLOGGER in 10 EASY LESSONS by Shane Birley. ‘Tis the season for thinking about trying something new!


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