A Day in the Life of a Library Assistant, Part 1

a-day-in-the5As part of Ontario Public Library Week, we are profiling our staff, and all of the great things they do each day to keep our library running smoothly. You can come back tomorrow to find out what else goes on at the Carleton Place Public Library on a daily basis.

My name is Sheila, and I am a Library Assistant. While there are two library assistants in our library, we both do a variety of different things. The majority of my day is spent serving patrons, and preparing materials for circulation. I work with a holds list each day, collecting books that are on hold for people, and removing expired holds so that our shelves aren’t overflowing. I also request materials through interlibrary loan, and collect and prepare out-going interlibrary loans requests for shipment to other libraries across Ontario, as well as returns. In the evenings, I’ll notify patrons of holds that are available for pick up.

Another big part of my job is managing our magazine subscriptions, and keeping our issues current on the shelves. This is a big job that requires a constant review of expiration dates, cataloging new magazines, discarding old ones, and also preparing them to go out to patrons.

Along with magazines, I help to process new DVDs, audiobooks, and books to get them ready to go on the shelves, or out to patrons. This might require me to cover books, do spine labels, or data entry for those new materials. There is a lot of behind-the-scenes work to get these ready for our patrons!

At the end of each month, I enter statistics so that we can keep track of program attendance, and more throughout the year. I also update the video display that you see when you walk into the library. I make sure patrons know about upcoming programs, new books, and special library events. Stop by and say hello the next time you drop in!




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