Let the Baking and Knitting Begin!

It’s fall, and that means we’re starting to think about holidays including Thanksgiving and Christmas. Have you begun your holiday baking? Have you put together your baking list for all of those yummy things to go along with your turkey this weekend? Or have you spent inordinate amounts of time or money at the craft store lately, buying up soft, scrumptious wool?

If you answered “yes” to any of these things, we’ve got lots of great inspiration for you at the library. Fall books are all about food, knitting, crafts, and celebrating. Drop in to pick up something like Anna Olsen’s BAKE WITH ANNA OLSEN, or flip through DROP DEAD EASY KNITS by Gale Zucker, Mary Lou Egan, Kristen Kapur to see what you can make before the snow gets here. (I don’t even knit, and I want to make all the things out of this book!)

Of course, if baking and knitting aren’t your thing, we have many other wonderful books to choose from. You can see all of our new books in the scrolling box at the top of our website and place holds, or drop in and check out our new bin. Take home a great book for the long weekend!

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